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Learn about the water quality testing of winery wastewater

by:BOQU     2023-03-09
The winery produces wheat, glutinous rice, etc. as the main raw materials. During the production process, sewage will be produced, such as low pot water for wine brewing, water for washing and drying halls, ground washing water, and cooling water for some fermentation and distillation processes. In addition, waste water will be generated during the production process, and the waste water mainly comes from distiller's grains discharged after distillation and fermentation of mature mash. Let's get acquainted with the water quality testing of winery wastewater! There are several aspects to the water quality testing of winery wastewater: 1. Let’s talk about the main discharge outlet first. This is the discharge outlet through which wastewater from different places will pass. The monitoring indicators of this discharge outlet will also be higher than others, including: Total phosphorus, total nitrogen, COD (chemical oxygen demand), flow rate, pH value, ammonia nitrogen, chromaticity, etc.; 2. After talking about the total discharge outlet, let’s talk about other discharge outlets. There are rainwater discharge outlets. The detection indicators here are only Suspended solids and chemical oxygen demand; in addition to rainwater discharge outlets, there is also domestic sewage testing. The main indicators are: COD, ammonia nitrogen, chemical oxygen demand, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, etc.
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