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Let's take a look at the measurement method and characteristics of the total chlorine online analyzer

by:BOQU     2023-04-02
1. Measuring method of total chlorine online detector: 1. Principle of DPD colorimetric method: Under the condition of PH6.2~6.5, ClO2 firstly reacts with DPD to form a red compound, but the amount only reaches its total available chlorine content (equivalent to One-fifth of the reduction of ClO2 to chlorite ion). If the water sample is acidified in the presence of iodide, chlorite and chlorate also react, and when neutralized by the addition of bicarbonate, the resulting color corresponds to the total available chlorine content of ClO2 . The interference of free chlorine can be suppressed by adding glycine, based on the fact that glycine can immediately convert free chlorine into chloroaminoacetic acid, but it has no effect on ClO2. 2. The principle of the film-covered electrode method: the electrode is immersed in the electrolyte chamber, and the electrolyte chamber is in contact with water through a porous hydrophilic membrane. The hypochlorous acid diffuses into the electrolyte cavity through the porous hydrophilic membrane, and forms a current on the electrode surface. The magnitude of the current depends on the speed at which the hypochlorous acid diffuses into the electrolyte cavity, and the diffusion rate is proportional to the concentration of residual chlorine in the solution. Measure the magnitude of the current The concentration of residual chlorine in the solution can be determined. 2. Features of total chlorine online analyzer: 1. High measurement accuracy and small error; 2. Using prefabricated reagents, greatly saving time, fast and accurate measurement; 3. User-friendly operation interface, suitable for laboratory and field use; 4. Portable Waterproof design, easy to measure and maintain; 5. Easy-to-read display with background light, good GLP function; 6. Multi-group data storage function, providing fast and accurate analysis; 7. With factory calibration and user-defined calibration functions.
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