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Let water quality monitoring service protect drinking water safety

by:BOQU     2023-03-17
Water quality testing is the eye of the water production process. The water company attaches great importance to the guiding role of water quality testing in the process, and has established a management system of 'two-level management and three-level testing'. Team testing and factory-level laboratory water quality center three-level testing complement each other. , Escort for water quality safety. As a very important part of the three-level testing system - plant-level testing, it not only shoulders the heavy responsibility of ensuring the quality of the factory water, but also takes into account the task of guiding the process adjustment of the water plant. It is an indispensable component in the operation and management of the water plant. part. 'The control of the dosage of chemicals must be supported by data and cannot be added blindly, so the water quality testing of the water plant is very important.' In order to ensure the accurate dosing of disinfectants, the laboratory of the water plant has adopted a sodium hypochlorite available chlorine tester Track and detect the concentration of sodium hypochlorite stock solution. According to the detected available chlorine concentration of sodium hypochlorite, the water plant adjusts the dosage of disinfectant in a timely and accurate manner to ensure the disinfection effect and reduce the operating cost of the water plant. The laboratory has carried out testing of 13 items including turbidity, residual chlorine, ammonia nitrogen, aluminum, etc., and each index is of great significance to the water production of the water plant. The purpose of testing turbidity is to judge the dosage of polyaluminum chloride and the effect of removing turbidity in the overall water production process; and to detect aluminum is to ensure that polyaluminum chloride will not be added excessively, resulting in excessive aluminum... In order to provide more timely water quality data for water plant water production, the water plant laboratory has introduced Qingshijie micro-automatic safety laboratory technology to further improve the efficiency of water quality testing and better implement the principle that water quality testing serves the water production process management concept. With a dedicated attitude, hardworking hands, and advanced detection technology, we provide reliable data for water production in water plants and protect the drinking water safety of ordinary people.
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