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Main Features of Total Organic Carbon Online Analyzer

by:BOQU     2023-04-13
Each instrument has its own advantages, which can reflect the value of its existence. The following editor will share with you some characteristics of the total organic carbon online analyzer. As follows: 1. The patented ultraviolet digestion device can greatly shorten the digestion reaction time in the measurement process and achieve real-time online analysis; 2. The measurement process and results fully meet the relevant industry standards; 3. Patented adjustable quantitative sampling The device ensures that the instrument can accurately measure various water samples by adjusting the amount of reagents and sampling volume; 4. The reagent is taken using a non-contact syringe pump to avoid direct corrosion of the reagent pump, which can greatly extend the life of the core part and reduce user costs; 5. All imported devices and innovative analysis flow path design and reagent formula ensure high measurement reproducibility, and the current measurement reproducibility can reach 5%; 6. Fully automatic operation, no need for personnel to be on duty, can realize automatic zero adjustment, Automatic calibration, automatic measurement, automatic cleaning, automatic maintenance, self-protection, automatic recovery and other intelligent functions; 7. Diverse online monitoring methods, which can realize manual measurement at any time, automatic timing measurement, automatic periodic measurement and other measurement methods; 8. Automatic leakage alarm function, when reagent leakage occurs, the instrument will automatically alarm and prompt the user for maintenance.
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