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Maintenance methods for prolonging the service life of water quality analyzers

by:BOQU     2021-09-04

Friends who are familiar with the water quality analyzer know that it is mainly used to detect water quality, which will help prevent water pollution. However, during the use and operation process, it is found that the daily maintenance of the water quality analyzer is not paid attention to, which causes the measurement accuracy of the equipment to be affected after long-term use, and even large errors in the detected results, which cause very bad effects. Therefore, the water quality analyzer manufacturer recommends that you must do a good job of daily maintenance. For specific methods, please refer to the following content.

1. The conductivity electrode should be checked once a month for conductivity. The higher the conductivity of the solution, the higher the requirements on the electrode surface, and the higher the frequency of inspection. Check the good condition of the electrode, and deal with it in time if there are nicks, cracks, wear, or corrosion.

2. If the online conductivity meter is installed in a new pipeline system, try to check after a few days of operation to ensure that the online conductivity meter can function normally.

3. If the water quality tester shows abnormal conditions, including sensitivity decline, subsequent increase, and unstable indicator indication, it is most likely that the electrode is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced.

4. Detergent should be used to clean the electrode. Choose the appropriate detergent according to the type of polluted environment. When cleaning, it must be operated in accordance with the requirements. If the electrode with a relatively low electrode constant cannot be cleaned with a brush.

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