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Maintenance of industrial online pH meter electrodes

by:BOQU     2023-04-13
Maintenance of industrial online PH meter electrodes: 1. When measuring, wash it in distilled water (or deionized water) first, and dry the water with filter paper to prevent impurities from being brought into the measured liquid. It should be completely immersed in the liquid to be tested. 2. When the electrode is not in use, it should be cleaned and covered with a protective cover with 3.5M potassium chloride solvent, or the electrode should be inserted into a container with 3.5M potassium chloride solvent. 3. Check whether the terminal is dry. If it is stained, please wipe it with absolute alcohol and dry it before use. 4. Avoid long-term immersion in distilled water or protein solvents, and prevent contact with silicone grease. 5. For electrodes that have been used for a long time, its glass film may become transparent or have deposits. At this time, it can be washed with hydrochloric acid and rinsed with water. 6. It is recommended that the user clean the electrode once a month and cooperate with the calibration of the working pH meter. 7. When you use the above methods to maintain and maintain the electrode, if you still cannot perform the calibration procedure and normal measurement, it means that the electrode cannot recover the response, please replace the electrode.
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