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Matters needing attention in the process of integrated wiring system design

by:BOQU     2023-04-11
In the process of building an automatic water quality monitoring station, electrical protection and grounding design are also important links that we need to consider. Due to the influence of electromagnetic interference sources such as power lines and motors, the design of the integrated wiring system must carefully consider the relevant shielding requirements for cable selection and layout to meet the anti-interference requirements. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the design of the integrated wiring system should also consider the electrical protection of cables, the grounding requirements of integrated wiring equipment such as cable management devices and cabinets. The relevant specifications of integrated wiring 'Smart Building Design Standards' GB/T50314-2000 and 'Intelligent Building Complex Integrated Wiring System Engineering Design Specifications' GB/T50311-2000 have formulated design specifications for shielding, electrical protection and grounding. Then, according to the requirements of these standards and specifications, what issues should be paid attention to in the process of designing the integrated wiring system? The editor's analysis is as follows: 1. In the area covered by the integrated wiring system, when there is electromagnetic interference with a field strength greater than 3V/m, protective measures should be taken. In the integrated wiring system, attention should be paid to avoid electromagnetic interference from interference sources such as power lines, motors, and cable TV cables. If interference occurs, effective shielding measures should be taken to shield or use shielded cables. 2. When the integrated wiring system uses shielded cables, all devices in the entire system should use shielded hardware, and all shielding layers must be connected reliably to ensure that the entire link is fully shielded. 3. A necessary distance should be kept between the integrated wiring cables and electrical equipment such as motors and power transformers that may generate high-level electromagnetic interference nearby. When the required spacing cannot be guaranteed, protective measures should be taken, such as using metal pipe slots for shielding. 4. The intelligent station building should adopt the general equipotential bonding method, and the grounding of the intelligent system equipment room, the floor weak current room, and the floor power distribution room on each floor adopts local equipotential bonding. 5. When the integrated wiring system adopts a shielding system, it must have a good grounding system and meet the grounding resistance value of the protective ground wire. When a single grounding body is used, it should not be greater than 4Ω, and when a joint grounding body is used, it should not be greater than 1Ω. 6. When the cables of integrated wiring are laid in metal pipe channels, the channels should maintain continuous electrical connection, and there should be good grounding at both ends. 7. When the cable is introduced into the building from the outside, the metal sheath of the cable or the metal support cable of the optical cable must be well grounded and meet the corresponding specification requirements. 8. The positive or outer casing of the active equipment of the integrated wiring system is required to be connected to the frame edge of the wiring equipment, and a single wire is required to lead to the grounding point, and a joint grounding method is adopted together with the wiring equipment and cable shielding layer. 9. Effective lightning protection projects must be implemented in the wiring room and equipment room of the integrated wiring system to ensure the operation of the equipment and avoid damage caused by lightning strikes.
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