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Measures when online COD monitor is in use

by:BOQU     2023-04-04
The online COD monitor is a new type of automatic online analyzer for measuring the chemical oxygen demand of sewage. It uses sealed catalytic digestion and then performs colorimetric measurement, that is, a certain amount of dichromic acid is added to the strong acid solution. Potassium-containing oxidant, and under the action of the catalyst, digest the water sample at a certain constant temperature for ten minutes, so that the hexavalent chromium in potassium dichromate is reduced to trivalent chromium by the organic matter in the water sample, and the trivalent chromium is measured at a wavelength of 610mm Chromium content, and then converted to the concentration of COD. The equipment has the characteristics of accurate measurement, low detection limit, high reliability and strong adaptability. When it comes to the use of the COD online monitor, it is introduced in the relevant instructions. Tell everyone about the three major measures when using the online monitor. 1. Ideological understanding Whether it is enterprise managers, government supervisors or equipment maintenance personnel, they all need to understand the use of COD online monitors from the damage caused by sewage to the environment. Enterprises should recognize their responsibilities in the long river of history, raise awareness, establish a long-term mechanism, aim at sustainable development, stop having temporary evasion mentality, and truly implement sewage treatment. Government supervisors must strengthen their sense of responsibility and do their work well to ensure the company's attitude towards sewage monitoring; maintenance personnel must strengthen technical guidance, do a good job in daily maintenance, ensure the normal operation of equipment, and conduct constant dynamic monitoring of sewage. 2. Establish a market competition mechanism and standardize management and use. Due to the lack of professional use and maintenance personnel for the monitors in sewage discharge units, and the government supervision is only spot checks, it seems stretched. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a market competition mechanism for the application and management of instruments, fully mobilize social forces to participate in environmental supervision and management, and cultivate multiple third-party companies to achieve operating qualifications. Under the market competition mechanism, through bidding management and maintenance, In this way, it can not only meet the shortage of talents in the sewage discharge unit, but also realize the standardization, specialization, socialization, comprehensiveness, in-depth and technological application of the instrument, so as to ensure the stable and safe operation of the sewage monitoring instrument. 3. Establish a verification system for monitoring instruments The instrument verification system is a system that needs to be calibrated and compared regularly with the support of the law to make the accuracy of the instruments meet the use standards. Therefore, the Quality Supervision Administration and the Environmental Protection Bureau should jointly issue a testing system for monitors. The unit using the COD online monitoring instrument must regularly calibrate the instrument according to the inspection system to make it meet the accuracy standard used, ensure the accuracy and reliability of the online monitoring data, and provide a real and effective monitoring data for the environmental protection department, so as to provide for sewage treatment. Provide valuable reference.
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