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Measuring/Detecting Principle and Composition of BOD Analyzer

by:BOQU     2023-03-08
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) refers to the amount of dissolved oxygen consumed by microorganisms to decompose certain oxidizable substances in water under specified conditions, especially the amount of dissolved oxygen consumed by organic substances in the process of biochemical reactions. Usually, the water sample is sealed in a culture bottle and cultured in a dark place at 20±1°C for 5 days, the dissolved oxygen concentration before and after the culture of the water sample is measured, and the dissolved oxygen consumed per liter of the sample is calculated. BOD is an indicator of environmental pollution, mainly used to determine the pollution status of organic matter in water bodies; it can also be used as a basis to evaluate the operating efficiency of sewage treatment plants in order to find the correct treatment method. Instrument introduction The bod analyzer, the biological oxygen demand analyzer, is an instrument used to analyze the biological oxygen demand of a certain water body. Biological oxygen demand (BOD) is the amount of oxygen consumed by microorganisms growing in a certain amount of water. It is an environmental monitoring indicator and is mainly used to monitor the pollution of organic matter in water. Instrument structure The instrument is composed of BOD analyzer host, BOD culture bottle, accessory box and biochemical incubator. When the BOD host is in the experiment, the host is placed in the incubator, and there are 6 magnetic stirrers in the host. During the experiment, it drives the stirrer in the culture bottle to stir the water sample, so as to promote the dissolution of oxygen in the air in the culture bottle. In the sample solution, ensure that the microorganisms in the water sample have enough dissolved oxygen to carry out biochemical reactions throughout the experiment. The BOD culture bottle samples are placed in the culture bottle for biochemical cultivation. The culture bottle has been screened and processed, and the instruments are generally not interchangeable, nor are they allowed to be replaced by other similar bottles. Working principle The microbial film is fastened to the oxygen electrode to form a microbial electrode. When the water sample containing saturated dissolved oxygen enters the flow cell and contacts the microbial sensor, the soluble and biodegradable organic matter in the water sample is absorbed by the bacteria in the microbial film. The effect is to reduce the mass of oxygen diffused to the surface of the oxygen electrode. When the diffusion rate (mass) of the biodegradable organic matter in the water sample to the bacterial film is constant, the mass of oxygen diffused to the surface of the oxygen electrode is also constant, thus generating a constant current. The difference between this constant current and the concentration of biodegradable organic matter in the water sample has a quantitative relationship with the reduction of oxygen, and accordingly the biochemical oxygen demand in the water sample can be converted. Technical indicators 1. Measurement range: 0-4000mg/L; 2. Measurement error: in line with water quality BOD 5 precision test standard (glucose-glutamic acid standard solution BOD 5 =180-230mg/l) 3. Measurement days: 1-30 Day 4. Measurement quantity: ≤6 5. Storage quantity: 10 years BOD 5 result value 6. Culture bottle volume: 580ml7. Culture temperature: 20±1℃8. Working power supply: AC power supply 110--220V, 50/60Hz9 .Rated power: 10W10. Size: 272mm×185mm×75mm11. Host weight: 2.4kg Applications BOD analyzer is widely used in materials, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, fine ceramics, papermaking, cosmetics, metallurgy and other industries, where particles are used as raw materials for production or Laboratory analysis of intermediates and quality control in industrial production and many other fields. For more bod tester, portable COD analyzer, online residual chlorine detector, COD tester and other water quality testing equipment information, model selection, technical guidance services, please contact us.
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