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Method and procedure for the determination of suspended solids in water

by:BOQU     2023-03-28
Suspended matter determination methods include membrane filtration, filter paper filtration, centrifugal separation, weighing (calculation) and qualitative dispersion analysis. Filter paper, filter or asbestos glaze, glass sand core filter and dry weighing, filter paper, and filter membrane pore size are different, and errors may also be introduced to intercept differences. Determination of suspended matter in water: After drying, pour the sample into a filter or filter paper instrument, filter the filter paper or filter paper, put it in an oven, dry it at 40~50°C and 150°C (weighing rules are not required) and filter The device can directly dry a certain volume of samples. When a constant weight is reached, the weight is measured. The filter or filter paper with the suspension was then placed in a platinum or ceramic crucible controlled at 600 °C and the weight loss was measured. Finally, the mass of suspended solids, residue after combustion and loss after combustion are calculated in mg/L. Suspended matter measuring instrument Weighing bottle: inner diameter 30-50mm. Operation steps of the suspended solids analyzer: 1. Put a piece of filter paper into the weighing bottle, open the bottle cap, dry at 103-105°C for 2 hours each time, take it out, cover it after cooling, and weigh until constant weight (two different) 0.0005g). 2. After removing the floating matter, shake an appropriate amount of water sample (to make the total non-filterable residue greater than 2.5 mg), filter with the above constant weight filter paper, and rinse the residue with distilled water for 3-5 times. If the sample contains fat, use 10 ml of oil to rinse off the residue twice. 3. Carefully take out the filter paper and put it into the original weighing bottle. Place the bottle cap in an oven at 103-105°C, take it out every 2 hours, and cap the bottle after cooling. Filter paper with a pore size of 0.45um and the corresponding filter until constant weight.
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