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Methods and advantages and disadvantages of residual chlorine determination

by:BOQU     2023-03-30
Water quality disinfection can be roughly divided into two methods: physical method and chemical method. The principles of the two methods are basically the same. They are both for the purpose of destroying and preventing microorganisms from replicating and multiplying, so as to cause natural death without causing harm to the human body. Common physical disinfection methods are ultraviolet method and high temperature heating method. The chemical disinfection method is inseparable from the chlorine element. Because of its good effect, high cost performance, simple operation, and other poisoning advantages, the chemical disinfection method is widely used and commonly used in the market. Chlorine gas is highly toxic and easy to remain, which is the characteristic of chemical methods. In the process of water disinfection, if the concentration is insufficient, the disinfection will fail, and the water quality will not meet the standard. However, if the concentration exceeds the standard, there will be major hidden dangers to the human body. Therefore, when ensuring water quality, it is necessary to measure the residual chlorine of the water quality to judge whether it is up to standard. 1. Colorimetric method (DPD colorimetric method) residual chlorine (hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite): when the pH (PH instrument) value is between 6.3-6.6, the residual chlorine in the measured water sample will be the DPD indicator Oxidized into purple compounds. The depth of color development is directly proportional to the residual chlorine content in the sample. At this time, a buffer solution for the measurement of residual chlorine is used, and its function is to maintain the reaction at an appropriate pH value. Total chlorine (the sum of residual chlorine and ammonium chloride): It is determined by adding potassium iodide in the reaction. The ammonium chloride in the sample oxidizes potassium iodide into iodine, and oxidizes the DPD indicator together with residual chlorine (residual chlorine analyzer). The oxide is purple at pH 5.1. A buffer containing potassium iodide was used at this point to maintain the pH of the reaction and provide the potassium iodide required for the reaction. GNST-001S Portable Residual Chlorine and Total Chlorine Meter is developed and designed based on certification standards. The detection system adopts an independent optical module (imported) design with excellent optical performance. The use of optical colorimetric tubes simplifies the operation steps and eliminates the need to transfer liquids. The system adopts a guided operation design with a simple and easy-to-understand interface, enabling operators to use it quickly and accurately. Widely used in scientific research institutes, tap water, medical wastewater, sewage engineering, biomedicine, food dairy, aquaculture, wool spinning printing and dyeing, leather and paper making and other industries for water quality testing and research. Product features (1) Integrated design and integrated detection mode, integrating optical, electromechanical, and chemical analysis technologies (2) Automatic data smoothing processing technology, data automatic smoothing processing, no loss (3) Corrosion-resistant combination colorimetric cell, with positioning Guaranteed measurement repeatability (4) Passed the verification of the Institute of Metrology. Obtain a measuring instrument evaluation report
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