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Monitoring frequency of sewage online monitoring equipment

by:BOQU     2023-04-16
Sewage is the water quality of pollution sources discharged in our daily life or industrial production. Most of the sewage will cause environmental pollution after discharge. In this case, it is necessary to use sewage online monitoring equipment, and this equipment needs to be operated according to The frequency is used to analyze the water quality, so that it can play a role in real-time monitoring of sewage, so do you know how long the monitoring frequency of the sewage online monitoring equipment is. The monitoring frequency of online sewage monitoring equipment is based on the sampling method of the online monitoring system for water pollution sources stipulated in Chapter 6 of the 'Technical Specifications for the Operation of Online Monitoring System for Water Pollution Sources' issued by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. When quickly monitoring water quality through PH water quality automatic analyzer, thermometer, flow meter and other devices: when sewage is continuously discharged, PH value, temperature and flow need to obtain a monitoring value every 10 minutes. When sewage is discharged intermittently, the monitoring data should not be less than six times the cumulative discharge time of sewage. When using a water quality analyzer to monitor mixed water quality: continuous discharge of pollution, counting from zero every day, every 1 hour is a time period, the water quality sampling device performs proportional or flow proportional sampling during this time period, and the water quality analysis monitors the time period For mixed water samples, the measurement results should be based on the average concentration of the continuous discharge of the pollution source in this period. In the case of intermittent discharge, it should be a time period every 1 hour. The sewage online monitoring system performs proportional sampling or flow proportional sampling during this time period. , after the sampling is completed, the mixed water sample of this period is tested by the sewage online monitoring system, and the measurement result should be counted as the average concentration of water pollution source discharge during this period. When the amount of samples collected in a certain sampling period cannot meet the requirements of the equipment, the measurement data during this period should be invalidated. If the method set by the pollution monitoring company does not meet the monitoring requirements, some monitoring devices need to be added according to the actual use requirements, otherwise, the monitored data cannot meet the water quality analysis standards. The above is the introduction of the monitoring frequency of the sewage online monitoring equipment. When measuring the sewage situation, the monitoring frequency should be formulated according to the actual situation of the sewage, so that it can be solved in time when the water quality is abnormal.
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