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Monitoring method of domestic water and sewage water quality in schools

by:BOQU     2023-04-01
Water is indispensable in our lives, and of course water is also indispensable in schools. The water in the campus is either the water source used in life, or the sewage generated after use. No matter what kind of water it is, it has its own indicators. Once it exceeds the standard, it is harmful to use it or directly discharge it into the river! This article makes a simple understanding of the monitoring of domestic water and sewage water quality in schools! Let’s first understand domestic water. It is domestic water, of course, it is used for drinking, washing, etc., and before it is delivered to the tap water pipeline, it has been prepared and treated in the water plant, and passed the water quality online. The monitor will detect it, and it will be transmitted only after it is confirmed to be qualified! But why is there still unhealthy water quality? It is possible that the transmission pipeline is rusted or caused by impurities. At this time, we can judge whether the water quality is healthy through a few simple methods: 1. Look with the naked eye, fill a transparent cup with water, and then In the place where the light is on, observe to see if there is any suspended matter, and then wait for a period of time to see if there is any precipitation. If there is sediment, it means that the suspended matter impurities of the water quality exceed the standard, and it must be treated before it can be used; in addition, it can be seen by making tea Water quality, if the water quality of making tea turns black, it means that iron and manganese exceed the standard more seriously; another is to observe with the naked eye to see if the hardness in the water is too high. At this time, you can observe electric kettles and other electrical appliances to see if the inner wall is There is a thick layer of yellow scale, if there is, it means that the hardness of the water has exceeded the standard, and it should be dealt with in time (judging whether the hardness of the water quality exceeds the standard can also be judged by tasting, drinking a sip of plain water, will the taste feel bad? If there is, it is also caused by the high hardness in the water); 2. It can also be judged by smelling, we know that chlorine will be used in the treatment of water, if there is, it means that the residual chlorine in the water has exceeded the standard. The above is a brief understanding of domestic water in schools, and then we will talk about the monitoring of sewage treatment in schools. The purpose of treating the discharged sewage is to prevent it from affecting other healthy water sources, thus posing a threat to all aspects of the ecological environment! The sewage sources in the school are mainly the sewage generated in dormitories, teaching buildings, canteens and other places, as well as some rainwater. These waters need to be treated before they can be discharged. The technological process of school sewage treatment is analyzed from the following points: 1. Do a good job of pretreatment. The wastewater generated in the canteen needs to be treated with oil separation, and after the sewage is mixed, it needs to be treated in a septic tank, and then filtered through a grid. Enter the adjustment pool to adjust the water volume; 2. Biochemical treatment must also be done. As for the process to be used, it can be determined according to your own situation. Another thing to remember! In the whole process of treating school sewage, online monitoring of water quality is very important! It is an important part of judging whether the water quality is healthy.
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