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Multi-parameter and single-parameter selection of water quality analysis instrument

by:BOQU     2021-07-23

Water quality analyzer is a commonly used analytical instrument that uses chemical and physical methods to determine the content of various chemical components in water. It is widely used in tap water, industrial wastewater, universities and scientific research institutes, wine industry and pharmaceutical industry, swimming pools Water operation management, rural water use, factory aquaculture, etc.

1. Selection of water quality analyzer

When buying a water quality analyzer, many people entangled whether to choose multiple parameters or a single parameter. In fact, we don’t have to worry about this problem. We can determine it based on our own practical testing needs. If there are more items in water quality analysis, Then you can choose a multi-parameter water machine analysis instrument to conduct the experiment. If only one parameter of the water quality or solution is analyzed, we suggest that we better use a single parameter or a dedicated analysis instrument, but it does not mean that the multi-parameter equipment cannot Perform a single parameter analysis of water quality, so why do we suggest us this way?

2. Classification of water quality analyzers

(1) Desktop water quality analyzer
(2) Portable Water Quality Analyzer
(3) Online water quality analyzer

3. Cost analysis

First of all, from the perspective of cost, multi-parameter analysis equipment can analyze multiple data at one time, while a single-parameter instrument can only analyze one water quality parameter at a time. If multiple parameters need to be analyzed, the equipment needs to be replaced back and forth, and Corresponding analysis reagents must be added to the sample each time so that the cost in experiments is often much higher than that of multi-parameter instruments.

Secondly, in terms of the accuracy of the analysis data, the multi-parameter water quality analyzer detects multiple data of the solution together, so some errors may appear during the analysis, especially when the analysis frequency is very high, and the single parameter The analytical instrument is used to detect the single data of the solution, and the factors that can disturb the analysis results are very small, so the data basically does not show errors. However, most of the multi-parameter water quality analyzers now use fractional measurements, and the disturbance between the parameters is very small, which greatly reduces the data error of the analysis results together with the convenience of operation.

Therefore, these two water quality analyzers have their own characteristics. If you want to save cost or just start to detect multiple data of water quality, we can choose multi-parameter testing equipment. If the requirements for the analyzed water quality results are relatively high, then You can consider using a single analysis instrument!

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