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Multi-parameter water quality analyzer equipment analysis

by:BOQU     2021-07-12

Type of instrument:

1. Desktop multi-parameter water quality analyzer

2, portable multi-parameter water quality analyzer

3, online multi-parameter water quality analyzer

Instrument introduction:

Multi-parameter water quality automatic detector is a new generation of water quality detector developed in response to the needs of on-site or field operations. The instrument consists of multiple pulsed silicon light sources, cylindrical colorimetric bottles, new optical systems, signal control amplification systems, microprocessor intelligent control and automatic display of analysis results, printing systems, high-power lithium battery power supply systems and corresponding chemical reagents Box composition. Optional determination of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, sulfate, salinity, arsenic, mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, lead, silver, cyanide, fluoride, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, heavy Carbonate, carbonate and other components and parameters.

PH can select three automatic calibrations at 7 memory points and can provide accurate calibration curves even when testing two samples with very different ranges. It has the feature of automatic range correction during EC and TDS measurement, and can automatically adjust the resolution for the test sample. All measurements can be set at 20 degrees and 25 degrees, and the user can choose automatic temperature compensation. Automatic temperature compensation can be turned off when measuring conductivity. The stability indicator on the screen makes the measurement more accurate. Provide 4 rings of conductivity electrode for measuring conductivity.

Main features of mpg-6099 multiparameter water quality meter:

1. With the function of selective ion measurement, 19 kinds of ion or parameter measurement items can be built in for selection, and 1600 sample detection data can be stored. With the supplied chemical reagent package, it can automatically display the absorbance value of the tested sample. Concentration value and its measurement parameters.

2. Equipped with 9 ultra-bright light-emitting diodes, with automatic wavelength conversion. Users can also prepare their own standard solutions and use a self-made standard curve to quantitatively determine the samples.

3. It is controlled by a single-chip microcomputer and has the function of spectral data processing.

4. Large-screen Chinese display, man-machine interactive operation.

5. The host has a built-in rechargeable battery and an external high-power lithium battery, which is suitable for quantitative measurement in the laboratory or field.

Technical parameters:

The lower limit of measurement, measurement range, and measurement accuracy is the same as the parameter water quality analysis instrument.

Multi-parameter water quality analyzer: HC-800 automatic ion analyzer (PH/fluorine/nitrate-nitrogen) features are as follows:

1. Automatic sampling, automatic qualitative and quantitative analysis, multi-parameter (PH/fluorine/nitrate-nitrogen) analysis.

2. Arbitrary selection of real-time online monitoring and laboratory testing.

3. The USB interface facilitates the instrument measurement software upgrade and data transmission, or communication with the computer.

4. The instrument adopts the ion-selective electrode method for measurement, which is convenient and fast.

5. The instrument adopts automatic two-point calibration and dual-parameter correction of slope and intercept to ensure the accuracy of the test results.

6. It can automatically process the quality control data, and can store one year's data for the easy query.

7. The instrument adopts an ARM fast high-performance processor and photoelectric positioning liquid distribution valve, which has the advantages of high integration, simplified flow path, and easy maintenance.

8. Intelligent maintenance-free design: calibration, sampling, measurement, flushing, display and print reports, instrument fault diagnosis, and troubleshooting, the whole process is automated, without manual cleaning and maintenance.

9. Field applications: drinking water, surface water, industrial production water and sewage, aquaculture, rivers and lakes, water plants, swimming pools, etc

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