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Multi-parameter water quality detector for water quality testing

by:BOQU     2021-05-06

As far as aquaculture and agricultural planting are concerned, water quality is one of the keys to the successful cultivation of cash crops. Since different aquatic products have very different requirements for water quality, we need to analyze the scale that they can adapt and accept during cultivation, formulate basic indicators that do not affect their growth rate and survival rate and conduct water quality Selection and improvement. Under the background of such accurate data, an instrument that can accurately detect water quality is very important. Fortunately, a multi-parameter water quality detector has been born.

This new water quality testing instrument is very popular in the industry due to its simple operation and accurate measurement results. It is also easy to carry when sampling in the field. It can be used with supporting reagents. The equipment of the past is guaranteed. The cumbersome operations of solution and drawing the standard curve can be omitted and will be presented with accurate digital results on the multi-parameter water quality detector. And its two major performance effects have received rave reviews:

1. Monitoring and early warning function: through the cloud channel, the safety value range of the monitoring parameter can be set, and the sensor monitors whether the water quality parameter exceeds the safety value range, and once the value range is exceeded, an alarm message will be sent to notify the user to process and improve the water quality in time.

2. During the monitoring process, actively collect and liberate manpower. Users can intuitively understand the changes in water quality through the data charts that the system actively generates, and the collected data can be stored in the system for a long time, which is convenient for the use of historical monitoring data analysis and summary.

Water quality conditions are very important to the quality of crops. Regarding some crops that require high water quality, the quality of water quality may directly lead to quality problems such as lodging and susceptibility to diseases, leading to a large area of u200bu200bcrop reduction. Therefore, to ensure the safety of crop water quality, it is still necessary to select a multi-parameter water quality detector with weak functions.

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