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Multi-parameter water quality monitoring system in urban drinking water monitoring

by:BOQU     2021-07-20

Cities such as Lanzhou in Gansu, Wuhan in Hubei, and Jingjiang in Jiangsu have stopped water due to pollution of drinking water. Suddenly, the issue of urban drinking water safety has received widespread attention. With the acceleration of the process of townships, the safety of drinking water in cities in some regions of our country is facing severe challenges. The presentation of the multi-parameter water quality monitoring system guarantees the safety monitoring and prevention of the pollution of drinking water in the township. The multi-parameter water quality analysis system is an instrument that can quickly analyze water quality. The operation is simple and convenient, and the measurement results are accurate. It can also be operated outdoors and is easy to carry.

Development background: Water is the source of life, and human beings cannot do without water in daily and production activities. The quality of daily drinking water is closely related to human health. With the development of social economy, scientific advancement and the improvement of people's daily life, people's requirements for daily drinking water quality continue to increase, and drinking water quality standards continue to develop and improve accordingly. When the multi-parameter water quality analyzer uses supporting reagents, it does not need to prepare standard solutions and make standard curves. It can directly put samples or diluted solutions into the instrument for quantitative water quality analysis. The water quality analysis results are accurate and easy to operate.

Performance of new dcsg-2099 multi-parameter water quality meter: This instrument is suitable for analyzing nearly forty parameters in various water quality such as surface water, groundwater, and industrial wastewater under various harsh environmental conditions such as laboratories or outdoors. It has the advantages of laboratory-level accuracy, low-cost consumables and flexible equipment for measurement.

The multi-parameter water quality analyzer is carefully designed according to international and domestic water quality monitoring standards and combined with the advantages of HANNA technology. It is widely used in surface water, groundwater, industrial wastewater and other water quality analysis. The measurement includes more than 40 parameters such as turbidity, residual chlorine, total chlorine, ammonia nitrogen, phosphate, nitrate, hexavalent chromium, and cyanide.

The effect of multi-parameter water quality analyzer: Multi-parameter water quality analyzer is of great significance to aquaculture and agricultural cultivation. Water bodies are the living environment of aquatic products. Different aquatic products have different requirements for water quality. Therefore, the basic indicators should be controlled at a scale that can be adapted and withstood. Otherwise, it will directly affect its growth rate and survival rate, and then directly lead to the economy. Benefits decline.

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