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Multi-parameter water quality testing can detect toxic substances in water

by:BOQU     2021-12-24

Multi-parameter water quality detector can measure quickly, simply, accurately, and stably. It has an exquisite appearance, a simple operation interface, and an accurate detection system, helping users to obtain fine data, which can be more accurate and effective Analyze water body conditions, prevent breeding risks in advance, and avoid losses in time.

Functional characteristics of multi-parameter water quality detector:

1. Parameter personalized customization combination, which can be flexibly combined according to customer monitoring needs. Optional. Customize the corresponding monitoring parameters;

2. Realize intelligent online monitoring application through the flexible configuration of intelligent instrument platform software and combination parameter analysis module;

3. Drainage integration system integration. Tandem circulation device, using a small number of water samples to complete a variety of real-time data analysis;

4. The multi-parameter water quality detector has automatic online sensors and pipeline maintenance and requires very little manual maintenance. It creates a good operating environment for parameter measurement and integrates complex on-site problems. Simplified processing eliminates the need for application process Uncertainties;

5. Built-in pressure-reducing device and constant flow rate, not affected by pipeline pressure changes, to ensure constant flow rate. Analysis data is stable;

6. A variety of optional remote data links, supporting remote database, allowing customers to plan tactics and control thousands of miles away.

A multi-parameter water quality detector integrates multiple water quality parameters in real-time. Large touch screen display. Data remote transmission and other functions are integrated into a whole machine and use the platform analysis software on the data server to conduct centralized viewing. Situation analysis to achieve Intelligent online monitoring application.

A multi-parameter water quality detector can detect toxic substances in water, and it can also detect harmful bacteria in water. For example, common pathogens in natural waters are Escherichia coli. Escherichia coli, etc. If the number of these pathogens exceeds the limit, people's health will also be endangered, and the water quality will also change significantly. It is precisely because the water problem has become more and more serious than we humans have to constantly test the water quality to ensure that we can drink safe water.

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