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New technology makes the content of COD chemical oxygen demand in bleaching wastewater relatively reduced

by:BOQU     2023-03-30
The new technology reduces the COD chemical oxygen demand content in bleaching wastewater by more than 15%. The fast-growing poplar chemical pulp cleaning bleaching technology jointly developed by the key laboratory of bio-based materials and green papermaking of a university and the key laboratory of pulp and paper science and technology of the Ministry of Education A few days ago, it was identified by experts and reached the leading level. Traditional chlorine-containing bleaching will produce a certain amount of harmful substances to the environment, resulting in difficult biochemical treatment of bleaching wastewater, long cycle and complicated process. The residual traces of harmful and healthy components in bleached pulp also affect the use of paper, especially food packaging paper, etc. bring hidden dangers. In response to the above problems, the key laboratory developed a new technology for clean and green bleaching of fast-growing poplar chemical pulp, which solved the common technical problems of traditional chlorine bleaching. This technology includes elemental chlorine-free and completely chlorine-free bleaching series technologies of green chemical method and biochemical method, and high-strength pulp with excellent brightness and physical properties is obtained. According to the relevant person in charge of the key laboratory, the use of this new bleaching technology can increase the pulp brightness by 1.7%-3% compared with the original elemental chlorine-free and total chlorine-free bleaching, and greatly improve the biochemical capacity of bleaching wastewater. The chemical oxygen demand content in bleaching wastewater is reduced by more than 15%; the fast-growing poplar chemical pulp process prepared by using biological enzyme softening and deep flaking technology can save energy consumption by 20%. Tested by the quality inspection agency, the physical performance indicators of the fast-growing poplar chemical pulp are superior to similar products. Compared with the control pulp, the main strength index increased by about 10%, and the whiteness increased by more than 2%.
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