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Nine advantages of arsenic online analyzer in water

by:BOQU     2023-03-28
The equipment produced by different manufacturers will have different places, and as a manufacturer of water quality online monitors for many years, it is no exception. The following are the nine advantages of the online arsenic analyzer in water to share with you. 1. Fully automatic operation. 2. Long-term self-control, low maintenance, low operating cost. 3. Low chemical consumption, short preparation time. 4. Simple maintenance, no special electrician training required. 5. The electrical part is isolated from the hydraulic part. 6. Using microcomputer control processing unit, fully automatic operation. 7. Backlit LCD display, which can display readings and O.D curves, and can store 400 sets of data. 8. With self-diagnosis function, it can identify whether there is a lack of water samples. 9. Standard 4-20mA analog output, optional RS232 and corresponding software can be connected with local or remote PC to realize remote control and self-start function after power failure.
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