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Observe water pollution through water quality monitoring!

by:BOQU     2023-03-22
In fact, water pollution can be said to be normal, and relevant staff should observe the situation of water pollution and distinguish other water sources that these sewage will not pollute, so as to damage the ecological environment and human health. Let's first understand what is water pollution? Water pollution refers to some harmful chemical substances and other components that reduce or even lose the use value of water quality, and become a water source that causes harm to the human body and pollutes the environment. The polluted water contains a variety of toxic and harmful elements, including: acid, alkali, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, copper and other harmful substances. If any parameter exceeds the standard, it will cause harm to aquatic organisms and plants, and even enter it through the food chain. The human body affects human health. In addition, when the organic matter in the sewage is decomposed by microorganisms, it will consume oxygen in the water, thereby affecting the life of aquatic organisms. After the dissolved oxygen in the water is consumed, the organic matter will undergo anaerobic decomposition, thereby producing hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, etc. Some unpleasant odors, these odorous gases are more serious water pollution. And in our populous country, where water resources are scarce, water quality will be polluted due to different reasons, making the originally few water sources even less! In this way, our relevant departments have considered the discharge of water pollution in various industries, paid attention to the online monitoring of sewage water quality, purified the wastewater discharged by various industries, and then used water quality monitors to test various indicators in the water and confirmed that they are qualified. The main purpose is to prevent the original water quality from being polluted. As for what parameters of the water quality monitor? It depends on what industry it is! The indicators of sewage discharged by different industries are different. Of course, the parameters of COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, and total nitrogen are some routine parameters. It can be said that the sewage and wastewater discharged by each industry need to be tested. Remember! Protect the water sources outside, and don't let the water pollution become more and more serious. Otherwise, in addition to causing harm to the ecological environment, it will also pose a great threat to human survival.
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