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On-line monitoring of hospital wastewater quality is a large and important project!

by:BOQU     2023-03-30
Hospital wastewater treatment is a very important link. Because of this, online monitoring of water quality has become the focus of everyone's attention! In hospital wastewater, the number of E. coli must be monitored. However, after the 2020 epidemic, monitoring residual chlorine has also been cited as an important monitoring item! Why is this? We know that general sewage treatment monitors COD, PH, etc.; while hospital sewage mainly monitors, that is, one more link than ordinary sewage. Because there will be a large number of pathogenic bacteria in hospital wastewater, it must be treated before it can be discharged. Chlorine is the main ingredient commonly used in wastewater. The residue of the agent is directly proportional to the content in the water, that is to say, the corresponding agent will be consumed while killing. If there is a lot of agent left, it means that there is relatively little in the water. What should be monitored is whether the concentration in the effluent reaches the discharge standard! Then the hospital wastewater online monitoring device generally includes the monitoring of COD, ammonia nitrogen, total organic carbon, pH, temperature, flow, E. coli, etc.! It is necessary to install corresponding online water quality monitors in hospitals! Hospital wastewater monitoring is a large and important project!
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