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On-line nickel monitor in water, indispensable for pollution reduction

by:BOQU     2023-03-28
Relevant departments require the discharge of sewage to be tested to confirm that it meets the standards before it can be discharged. Then only if the instrument is working normally. In this chapter, manufacturers of online water quality monitors come to understand the knowledge of nickel online monitoring equipment in water under normal work to reduce pollution! The existence of a large amount of nickel in water will cause pollution and affect the surrounding organisms, and even cause harm to human health in severe cases! Therefore, monitoring and management of water quality is very important. Among them, the nickel online monitor in water is an instrument for real-time analysis of the detected water quality through a series of reactions, which can reflect the results, and let it detect water quality problems through the colorant reaction. The pretreated water sample is injected into a special reactor by a syringe pump to react with a strong acid reagent, so that all forms of nickel in the solution exist as divalent nickel ions, and then add a masking agent to eliminate the excess acid Interference of coexisting ions, and then add an oxidant to uniformly oxidize all forms of nickel in the water sample into trivalent nickel, and finally add a characteristic chromogenic agent for color reaction. Within the measurement range, the degree of gas color change is proportional to the total nickel concentration in the water sample. By measuring the color change, the nickel content in the water sample can be calculated. Features of online nickel monitoring equipment in water: 1. The pretreatment device has self-maintenance function, thereby reducing the maintenance workload of users; 2. The chemical reaction time can be adjusted, and the measurement process and results meet relevant standards; 3. Online nickel monitoring instrument in water The adjustable quantitative sampling device ensures that the instrument is ready to measure various water samples by adjusting the amount of reagents and sampling volume; 4. The reagents are taken using non-contact syringe pumps to avoid direct corrosion of reagent pumps by reagents, which can greatly extend the life of core components and reduce User cost; 5. All imported devices and analytical flow path design and reagent formula ensure extremely high measurement reproducibility, and the current measurement reproducibility can reach 5%; 6. Fully automatic operation, no need for personnel to be on duty, can realize automatic Intelligent functions such as zero adjustment, automatic calibration, automatic measurement, automatic cleaning, automatic maintenance, automatic protection, and automatic recovery; It is precisely because the protection of water resources is very important, so the online water quality monitor must maintain normal work. In order to ensure that it can be used in normal times, we must pay attention to checking whether the equipment is working normally and whether the access pipes are smooth. Check if there is any leakage, and keep the instrument clean, especially the rotating parts and spare parts should be regularly maintained and replaced to avoid damage to the instrument due to leakage. In order to check the water quality, there are a lot of reagents inside, which are generally strong corrosion experimental reagents, and they are easy to evaporate and get damp on the spot during the work process, so they must be replaced on time! Therefore, as a user, we must pay attention to ensuring the normal operation of water quality monitoring equipment. In this process, we must also pay attention to many details to ensure its normal operation!
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