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Online conductivity meter storage and cleaning

by:BOQU     2022-02-07

Online conductivity meter This meter is equipped with different types of electrodes and is widely used in power plants, petrochemicals, metallurgy and electronics, mining, paper industry, semiconductors, medicine, food and beverage, environmental protection water treatment, new agricultural planting, and other industries.

The online conductivity meter should be measured as soon as possible after the water sample is collected, if it contains coarse suspended substances, oil, and grease, which interfere with the measurement, it should be removed by filtration or extraction.

1. Soak the platinum black electrode in deionized water for a few minutes.

2. Adjust the head screw M so that the pointer points to zero.

3. Pull the calibration and measurement switch K2 to the 'calibration' position.

4. Turn on the power switch K of the Chinese online conductivity meter and preheat for a few minutes, then adjust the calibration regulator Rw3 so that the pointer is on the full scale.

5. Pull the high cycle and low cycle switch K3 to the appropriate file.

6. Pull the range selection switch R1 to the appropriate file.

7. Adjust the cell constant regulator Rw2 of the Chinese online conductivity meter so that it corresponds to the constant of the electrode used (this is equivalent to adjusting the cell constant to 1, and the conductivity of the measured solution is numerically equal to the conductance of the solution).

8. After rinsing the electrode of the Chinese online conductivity meter with a small amount of the solution to be tested, insert its plug into the electrode socket Kx and immerse it in the solution to be tested.

9. After adjusting the calibration regulator Rw3 to full scale, turn the calibration and measurement switch K2 to the measurement position. Read the indicated number of the needle and multiply it by the multiple indicated by the range selection switch R1, which is the conductivity of this solution. Repeat the measurement once and take the average value.

10. Pull the calibration and measurement switch K2 to the 'calibration' position and take out the electrode.

11. After the measurement, disconnect the power. The electrode of the Chinese online conductivity meter was washed with deionized water and then immersed in deionized water for use.

How to clean and store the electrodes of the online conductivity meter is a concern of many users. Bright platinum electrode. Platinum black plated platinum electrode (not used for a long time), generally stored in a dry place. However, platinum black-coated platinum electrodes must be placed (stored) in distilled water for several hours before use. Frequently used platinum-coated black platinum electrodes can be placed (stored) in distilled water.

Cleaning of online conductivity meter electrodes:

1. The organic components on the electrode can be cleaned with warm water containing detergent, or with alcohol.

2. Calcium.Magnesium precipitate with 10% citric acid.

3. Bright platinum electrodes, which can be mechanically cleaned with a soft brush. However, no nicks should be made on the electrode surface, and no hard objects such as screwdrivers should be used to remove the electrode surface, and special attention should be paid even when mechanically cleaning with a soft brush.

4. For platinum electrodes coated with platinum black, they can only be cleaned by chemical methods. Mechanical cleaning with a soft brush will destroy the coating (platinum black) plated on the surface of the electrode.

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