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Online Turbidity Meter Wiring and Power Supply

by:BOQU     2022-01-22

Online turbidity meters can measure the turbidity of water online. Turbidity refers to the degree of obstruction of the solution to the passage of light, including the scattering of light by suspended matter and the absorption of light by solute molecules. The turbidity of water is not only related to the content of suspended substances in the water, but also to their size, shape and refractive index.

Online turbidity meter measures water turbidity using a new optical fiber turbidity sensor, using the 90° scattered light measurement principle, in line with the ISO7027 international standard, the turbidity meter uses a sapphire light window, which has better repeatability and stability sex. RS485 output, support MODBUS, help the realization of sewage water quality monitoring solutions, based on customer needs, easy integration.

Online Turbidity Meter Wiring and Power Supply:

1. Do not use the sensor cable to hoist the sensor. It is recommended to install a cable protector to ensure that the cable is powered and watertight.

2. Make sure that the line sequence and power supply voltage are accurate before power-on.

turbidimeter sensor installation:

1. The sensor should be installed vertically with the electrode facing downward, not horizontally or even with the electrode facing upward;

2. Considering the influence of the water level, the sensor should be installed below the low water level 30cm, and it is recommended that the installation depth should not exceed 2 meters, so as to facilitate disassembly and maintenance in the later stage;

3. The sensor needs to be fixedly installed to avoid the probe bumping due to factors such as water flow.


1. The outer surface of the sensor: Use tap water to clean the outer surface of the sensor. If there is still debris, wipe it with a damp soft cloth. For some stubborn dirt, you can add some household detergent to the tap water to clean.

2. Measuring window Outer surface: Use tap water to clean the outer surface of the sensor. For some stubborn dirt, you can use traditional detergent and a soft cloth to clean.

3. Check the cable of the sensor: the cable should not be taut during normal operation, otherwise the wire inside the cable will be easily broken, causing the sensor to not work normally.

Daily use of turbidimeter:

The cleanliness of the measurement window of a turbidimeter is very important to maintain accurate readings. It is recommended to clean the sensor light window before testing.

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