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Online Turbidity Meters Deliver Reliable Data at Any Time

by:BOQU     2022-02-08

Compact product line turbidity meter, LCD with backlight, data memory, relay control outputs (three). Turbidity Turbidity controller output line 4 ~ 20mA signal isolation, where any required monitoring and control of turbidity reliable transmission of data.

online turbidity meter features:

1. cleaning and maintenance is simple; three months calibrated once;

2. repeatability, independent of sample flow rate and pressure;

3. Four point correction method to ensure accuracy;

4. / English menu operation intelligence;

5. Data recording / curve display / upload function.

built-in microprocessor, the configuration of advanced, powerful, is a very delicate turbidity meter, based on infrared light transmitted through the optical lens and 880nm penetrate the sample solution, the principle of scattered light measured by the ISO7027 standard 90 ° direction, this turbidity analyzer can be used on different parts of the filter means raw or purified water measuring turbidity, such as drinking water, industrial water and various production, as well as any need to use qualified water areas.

online turbidity meter works

line turbidimeter using standard 90 degree scattering measurement sensor has a light source and a detector, both optical angle is 90 degrees. The solid particles are reflected beam emitted from a light source in the medium, the emitted light 90 degrees to reflect the light received by the detector, the intensity of the received light in the relevant medium solid particles. By measuring the change in intensity of reflected light by 90 degrees can be calculated turbidity of the medium.

online turbidity meter Typical applications:

waterworks: front filter, filtered, and the precipitate
Turbidity monitoring
finished water; water quality monitoring of municipal wastewater.

industrial process water quality monitoring, cooling water, activated carbon.

water filters, membrane filtration, water and the like.

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