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Online Water Analyzer Phosphate and Total Phosphorus can be used in a variety of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment applications

by:BOQU     2023-04-10
Italy 3S' online water quality phosphate (total phosphorus) analyzer series adopts advanced modular sensing element design, allowing users to choose to measure phosphate or total phosphorus and other parameters over a wide range, depending on their process requirements. Phosphate and total phosphorus measurements are used in a variety of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment applications. Phosphate and total phosphorus are often measured before discharges of treated wastewater from power plants and chemical plants that occur in boiler feed and cooling water systems. Additionally, they are measured in municipal drinking water and sewage treatment plants. Although phosphorus occurs naturally in the environment and is used to fertilize agricultural crops, it poses a danger to sensitive aquatic plants in surface waters such as streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes. Phosphate pollution is a serious problem and it is monitored by government authorities worldwide to protect plants, animals and humans from overexposure. The line of online colorimetric analyzers for 3S Phosphate and Total Phosphorus helps wastewater treatment engineers measure these parameters accurately and reliably. An online series analyzer is an online sequential sampling type of analyzer. It automatically samples, analyzes and then processes the results. Colorimetric methods of water analysis rely on LED light sources and heated cuvettes to measure trace amounts of analytes in water, which correspond to the levels of phosphate present. On-line analyzers can measure phosphate and total phosphorus over a wide range depending on the user's application process requirements and the sensor configuration type and size chosen. On-line phosphate and total phosphorus measurement ranges from trace ug/L to 2000mg/L (0.01 to 2000ppm) using internal dispense mode. Measurement accuracy is ±5ppb or 5%, whichever is greater. On-line analyzers are easy to start and use. They come out of the box with the 3S and are factory pre-calibrated. A technician simply connects the sample, waste, and reagent lines, and starts the device. Wall-mount hardware is standard, but optional table-top configurations are also available. The standard model is recommended for indoor use and meets NEMA IP54 dust and water resistance. The online analyzer has an operating temperature range of 41 to 113°F (5 to 45°C). The Online Phosphate and Total Phosphorus Colorimetric Analyzer features an easy-to-read graphical touch screen interface that displays measured values ​​and status information. It gives users easy access to highly intuitive menus and functions in multiple languages. An on-board integrated data logger with USB download capability can be used for history tracking, documentation and compliance purposes. The online colorimetric analyzer is designed with two compartments to separate critical electronics from the wet process. It includes all components required for the flow, mixing and reaction stages of samples and reagents. Depending on the number of accessories and micropumps installed in the liquid chamber, several analytical configurations can be programmed. The top contains the electronics housing. It includes main power supply, controller PCB assembly and touch screen interface. Outputs provided by the in-line analyzer include two 4-20mA outputs for measurement data, it also includes a Modbus compatible RS485RTU. Four programmable SPDT relays provide a variety of alarm functions. Cost-effective on-line analyzer for phosphate and total phosphorus with adjustable cycle times to minimize reagent usage and reduce maintenance requirements. Automatic verification, cleaning and calibration are standard features that significantly reduce downtime and operator intervention while ensuring the most accurate results.
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