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Operation steps of ammonia nitrogen detector (recommended for water quality ammonia nitrogen detector)

by:BOQU     2022-08-10

The commonly used detection methods of ammonia nitrogen detector are Nessler's reagent method and the salicylate method. The two detection methods have their own characteristics. Nessler's reagent method is more convenient and rapid and has a wider detection range, but the reagents used are more toxic; the salicylate method uses more environmentally friendly reagents, but the detection time is long and the detection range is narrow. At present, the most widely used ammonia nitrogen detector is the Nessler reagent method. The detection principle is to use ammonia in water and Nessler reagent (K2HgI4) to generate yellow to brown compounds (NH2Hg2OI) under alkaline conditions. The color and ammonia nitrogen content Proportional, take this as an example to introduce the operation steps of the ammonia nitrogen detector.

1. Preparation of standard curve: prepare ammonia nitrogen standard solution with a series of concentrations, add corresponding reagents for color development, and then use a photometer to detect its absorbance to prepare a standard curve. The special ammonia nitrogen rapid detection equipment has a built-in standard curve when it leaves the factory, so there is no need to make it by yourself.

2. Zero adjustments: Take an appropriate amount of pure water as required, put it into the photometer, and press the 'Zero' button to adjust the zero. The zero adjustment operation of the special ammonia nitrogen rapid detection equipment is the same as that of the photometer.

3. Sample detection: Take an appropriate amount of water sample as required, add the corresponding reagent to develop color, put it into a photometer to detect its absorbance, and convert the ammonia nitrogen concentration according to the standard curve (using a general photometer to detect ammonia nitrogen, it is recommended to make a standard curve and sample detection. simultaneously). After the special ammonia nitrogen rapid detection equipment presses the 'detection' button, the ammonia nitrogen detection result will be displayed directly without conversion.

Precautions for the use of ammonia nitrogen detector:

1. Ammonia nitrogen detection is easy to be polluted by ammonia. Avoid using ammonia water in the same laboratory during ammonia nitrogen detection.

2. The utensils used before the project test are soaked in 1+9 hydrochloric acid, and washed with ammonia-free water before use.

In this special period of repeated epidemics, strictly controlling the ammonia nitrogen content in the effluent of sewage treatment plants is one of our measures to strengthen urban sewage treatment and water environment risk prevention during the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Here, Electronics provides users and friends with product solutions for ammonia nitrogen detection in sewage for everyone to choose from.

Ammonia nitrogen online analyzer

Ammonia nitrogen detection method: salicylic acid spectrophotometry

Ammonia nitrogen detection range: 0-500mg/L (expandable)

2. Ammonia nitrogen detector

Ammonia nitrogen detection method: HJ535-2009 Determination of ammonia nitrogen in water quality Nash reagent spectrophotometry

Ammonia nitrogen detection range: 0-250mg/L (segmented)

Both of these two ammonia nitrogen detectors can be used for on-site or laboratory testing of ammonia nitrogen and other indicators in sewage treatment, hospitals, environmental protection, sanitation, urban water supply and other industries, which is convenient and fast.

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