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Parameter Control of Total Nitrogen Sewage Treatment

by:BOQU     2023-04-13
Total nitrogen, organic nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen: Nitrogen is cyclically transformed in various forms in nature. Organic nitrogen, such as protein, is hydrolyzed into amino acids, which are decomposed into ammonia nitrogen under the action of microorganisms, and ammonia nitrogen is converted into nitrite nitrogen (NO2-) and nitrate nitrogen (NO3-) under the action of nitrifying bacteria; in addition, NO2- and NO3- Under oxygen conditions, it is converted into N2 under the action of denitrifying bacteria (denitrifying bacteria). Total nitrogen = organic nitrogen (organic nitrogen = protein nitrogen + non-protein nitrogen) + inorganic nitrogen (inorganic nitrogen = ammonia nitrogen + NO2- + NO3-), nitrogen is an indispensable material element for bacterial reproduction, when the amount of nitrogen in industrial wastewater When it is insufficient, nitrogen needs to be artificially supplemented by biological treatment; on the contrary, nitrogen is also one of the elements that cause eutrophication of water bodies.
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