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Possibility of failure of online COD monitor

by:BOQU     2023-04-04
There are several possible reasons for the bursting of the digestion tank of the online COD monitor, and how to avoid the bursting of the COD digestion tank? The COD digestion tank digestion solenoid valve is not closed tightly, and there is air leakage. Observe the heating and digestion process, there are bubbles, and the liquid is boiling. In severe cases, the liquid in the digester flows out of the tube. Pay attention to safety, once bubbles are found, stop digestion immediately. After finding the cause, test again. (Note: The reagent tube connecting the digestion tank and the nine-way valve must be fixed well to avoid falling off under strong pressure.) Reagent problem. The reagents are not prepared correctly, or the reagents cannot be mentioned due to other reasons. The digester inlet is blocked, the reagent cannot be added, or the liquid cannot be drained from the digester into the metering tube. The glass of the digester is defective, or the digester is disassembled during repair and maintenance, and the screw is too tight during installation, resulting in damage to the glass. The measurement data fluctuates greatly. Cause analysis of the online COD monitor: first check whether the indoor ambient temperature is normal, and check whether the air conditioner is running normally. Check the signal fluctuation range to see if the device is connected to the ground wire. Check whether the heating temperature is normal (whether the heating wire is broken, whether the temperature transmitter is normal) The online COD monitor equipment is ok when it is calibrated, but when the water sample is just heated, it prompts that the photoelectricity is abnormal? Put the outside of the digestion pool When the sealing cover is opened, it is found that the liquid in the glass tube of the digestion tank is turbid with white precipitates. Finally, it was confirmed that it was a problem with reagent 3 (silver sulfate), and a new bottle of silver sulfate was replaced, and the water sample measured by the equipment was normal. Cause analysis: first check the measured photoelectric signal to see if it is lower than 100. Explanation of the alarm when the online COD monitor fails to collect reagents or water samples (1) The sampling tube of the online COD monitor is blocked and the reagent cannot be lifted. Check the position of the blockage, and clean or replace the blocked line. (2) If the multi-way valve is blocked externally and the blockage cannot be removed, the multi-way valve can be disassembled for cleaning. (3) There is an air leak in the sampling tube. Check whether the screws connecting the sampling tube and the multi-port valve are tight and whether there is any air leakage. If so, please reconnect the tube and tighten it. (4) The high and low signals of the online COD monitor are not recognized. Check the signal board and the light source of the high and low signals. If there is no problem with the signal board, please replace the light source (usually the transmitting and receiving light sources are damaged). (5) There is no corresponding reagent for the online COD monitor, check and supplement the corresponding reagent. (6) The peristaltic pump tube of the online COD monitor is damaged or not compressed, resulting in insufficient negative pressure and unable to pump liquid. Check the peristaltic pump tube to see if it is damaged. If it is damaged, replace it with a new pump tube and tighten it.
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