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Precautions and principles for the use of residual chlorine detector

by:BOQU     2023-04-05
1. Application of the residual chlorine detector: The residual chlorine meter is suitable for detecting the residual chlorine concentration of domestic or industrial water in water plants, industrial and mining enterprises, swimming pools and other places, so as to control the residual chlorine in the water to meet the specified water quality standards. 2. The principle of residual chlorine detector: This instrument uses the principle of microcomputer photoelectron colorimetric detection to replace the traditional visual colorimetric method. Human error is eliminated, so the measurement resolution is greatly improved. 3. Precautions for use: 1. Chloride ions are not included in the measurement of residual chlorine. Chlorine measurement includes the measurement of free chlorine and combined chlorine content. 2. If the pH of the solution to be tested is between 6.2---6.5, add residual chlorine reagent B to react directly to generate a red compound. If the pH value is not within the range, please add residual chlorine A reagent or dilute acid or dilute alkali to adjust. 3. The turbid sample must be filtered before measurement. 4. It cannot be measured for colored samples. 5. The cuvette should be cleaned and stored dry after each use.
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