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Precautions for installation and use of online residual chlorine detector

by:BOQU     2023-04-03
The online residual chlorine detector can be used to monitor residual chlorine and total chlorine in tap water, and its measurement range is 0-5mg/L. The analysis accuracy of residual chlorine or total chlorine is determined by the internal buffer and indicator mixed into the water. The principle adopted is the colorimetric method, the buffer solution and the indicator are introduced into the sampling, and after the red color is produced, the color depth will be proportional to the residual chlorine concentration, and then the residual chlorine concentration will be displayed on the panel through optical measurement. Some precautions for installing and using the residual chlorine detector 1. The instrument should be installed in a room with sufficient ventilation and a suitable temperature. Generally, the indoor temperature should be kept between 5 and 40 °C. 2. During installation, there is a power supply option, and attention should be paid to selecting a qualified power supply. 3. Pay attention to the arrangement of the magnetic rod in the sampling room, and cover the stopper on it. If the magnetic rod falls out, it will directly cause the measurement to fail. 4 Ensure that the pipelines for buffer and indicator sampling are unobstructed. Application range of residual chlorine detector ⑴. This method is applicable to the determination of free residual chlorine, total residual chlorine and combined residual chlorine in drinking water, source water, waste water and seawater respectively. ⑵. If the water sample is colored or turbid, it can be used as a blank to adjust to zero to offset its influence. ⑶. The highest detection concentration of this method is 4.5mg/l available chlorine. The principle of residual chlorine detector When the water sample does not contain iodide ions, the free available chlorine immediately reacts with the DPD reagent to produce a red color, and the addition of iodide ions acts as a catalyst to make the combined chlorine react with the reagent to develop color. Measure the absorbance respectively to obtain free chlorine and total chlorine, and subtract free chlorine from total chlorine to obtain combined chlorine. Interference effect of residual chlorine detector ⑴. The presence of alkalinity greater than 250mg/l or acidity of 150mg/l in water, such as CaCO3, will inhibit all color development or the color will fade immediately. Neutralize the sample solution to pH 6-7 with 1N H2SO4 or 1N NaOH. ⑵. Monochloramine will gradually increase the free chlorine reading. Read within one minute, each 3.0mg/l of monochloramine will increase the free chlorine reading by 0.1mg/l. (3) Oxides of bromine, iodine, ozone and manganese and chromium will increase the free chlorine reading. ⑷. In order to reduce the influence of Mn4+ and Cr6+, adjust the pH value to 6-7 as above ⑴. Take 25ml water sample, add 3 drops of 30g/l KI solution, mix and wait for one minute. Add 3 drops of 5g/lNa2AsO3 and mix (According to 'Water and Wastewater Standard Test Method? 15th Edition', 0.25% thioacetamide solution can be used instead of sodium arsenite, add 0.5ml0.25% thioacetamide per 100ml water sample ). If chromium is present, it reacts with DPD in both assays, readout. This reading is then subtracted from the chlorine reading obtained from the original analysis. Related Products
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