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Principle of online suspended solids analyzer

by:BOQU     2023-04-10
Suspended matter is the degree of obstruction of suspended matter in water to light transmission. The online suspended matter analyzer uses the light wave sent by the transmitter on the sensor to pass through the light after being absorbed, reflected and scattered by the measured object during transmission. It can be irradiated on the detector in the direction of 180°. The light intensity received by the detector has a certain relationship with the suspended matter value of the measured sewage. Therefore, the suspended matter value of the sewage can be calculated by measuring the intensity of the transmitted light. The online suspended solids analyzer can be widely used in the monitoring of suspended solids in solutions such as chemical industry, electroplating, papermaking, environmental protection water treatment engineering, pharmaceuticals, food, and tap water. Main features of the online suspended matter analyzer: 1. The suspended matter sensor is not affected by the sample flow rate and pressure. 2. The infrared light wave sent by the transmitter on the sensor adopts a stable invisible near-monochromatic infrared light source, which avoids the interference of the chromaticity in the liquid and the external visible light on the sensor measurement. 3. A quartz glass lens with extremely high light transmittance is used on the optical path of the sensor, and the emission and reception of infrared light waves are more stable. 4. The online suspended solids analyzer has a wide range, stable measurement, high precision, good reproducibility, and strong anti-interference ability. 5. Communication function: RS-485 communication interface (MODBUS protocol partially compatible) (optional); photoelectric isolation 4 ~ 20 mA current output, the corresponding value can be set arbitrarily. 6. Using two-point calibration method, the range can be modified.
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