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Problems encountered by turbidity analyzers

by:BOQU     2023-04-02
The turbidity analyzer has a built-in microprocessor, advanced configuration, and powerful functions. Measure the turbidity of raw water or pure water on local filtration devices, such as drinking water, various production and industrial water, and any place where qualified water is required. The analyzer adopts microcomputer electronic colorimetry, has a stable LED light source, is not affected by external light changes, replaces the traditional visual colorimetry, eliminates human error, improves resolution, and has high accuracy. Features: 1. Microcomputer, light touch keyboard, LCD liquid crystal digital display, easy to use. 2. Using the photoelectric colorimetric principle of spectrophotometry and using convenient reagents, the water sample can be read within one minute after the reagent is put into the reagent, and the value of residual chlorine is displayed digitally. 3. The calibration curve within the full range is stored in the instrument, which has power-off protection, and the calibration data will not be lost. It can be automatically zeroed and 7-point automatic calibration, and the data has nonlinear processing and data smoothing functions. The analyzer is an on-line water quality monitor with a microprocessor. It is an industrial on-line monitoring instrument designed for measuring the turbidity of inlet and outlet water of municipal sewage, industrial wastewater treatment process, and waterworks. At present, most of the online detectors of water supply enterprises are used to monitor the water quality of water production process and factory water. Relatively speaking, they are rarely used for online monitoring of raw water and pipe network water. Faced with increasingly serious water pollution problems , the configuration and application of turbidity analyzers should be further strengthened, especially the online monitoring of raw water quality. Several problems that can be encountered in daily life: (1) The sludge is broken, and the sinking speed is reduced and cannot sink. (2) Sludge particles carry gas or oil droplets, their density decreases and they float up. (3) If the aeration rate is too small, the sludge at the bottom of the tank will be decomposed anaerobically, and a large amount of gas will be generated, which will promote the sludge to float up. (4) When the aeration time is long or the aeration volume is large, a large amount of N2 or NH3 may be produced due to denitrification in the sedimentation tank, which will cause the sludge to float. (5) When the oil content in the wastewater is too large, the sludge may float with oil. (6) When the temperature of the wastewater is high, a temperature difference reflow is formed in the sedimentation tank, which makes the sludge unable to sink.
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