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Problems faced by sewage treatment in my country and the current situation of rectification

by:BOQU     2022-10-05

Sewage treatment in my country is faced with the situation of serious water pollution, late start of sewage treatment, poor foundation and high requirements. In recent years, the construction of urban water quality treatment has made great progress. Compared with the international ones, my country's urban water quality treatment rate is relatively low. The main reason is that the construction of urban sewage treatment plants in my country is lagging behind. According to statistics, the United States has an average of 1 sewage treatment plant for every 10,000 people, and the United Kingdom and Germany have 1 sewage treatment plant for every 7,000 people. In my country's urban population, there is an average of one sewage treatment plant for every 1.5 million people.

According to the national sewage treatment situation reported by the Ministry of Construction, apart from those that are being commissioned and operated, some of the sewage treatment plants that have been built are still unable to operate normally. The factory has been built for half a year or even nearly a year and has not yet been operated.

Second, some cities that have built sewage treatment plants have not yet levied sewage treatment fees, or the charging standards and collection rates are low, and it is difficult to guarantee the operating funds of sewage treatment facilities. Third, the construction of the sewage collection pipe network is lagging behind, and the operating load rate of the sewage treatment plant is low, or even difficult to operate. Fourth, the local supporting funds are not implemented, which affects the commissioning and operation of the sewage treatment plant. In addition, the design scale of some urban sewage treatment plants is too large, which is too advanced, resulting in some idle facilities and insufficient benefits.

Current status of water quality rectification:

The shortage of funds for the construction of sewage treatment plants; the maintenance of imported equipment and the development of equipment spare parts; the selection of sewage treatment processes has a gust of wind, and the popular process is not selected according to the actual situation of the region.

1. Operational services and efficient supervision have become prominent issues. Operations management is becoming more and more important and more prominent. Due to the large number and wide distribution of subordinate enterprises, higher requirements for supervision are also put forward.

2. In the operation stage of sewage treatment enterprises, the requirements for management level and the requirements for cost control are constantly improving.

3. How can sewage treatment companies extend the management experience of excellent sewage treatment plants in the industry to all plants and stations to improve the overall management level of the company.

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