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Problems to be paid attention to in the maintenance of online water analyzer

by:BOQU     2021-08-13

An online water analyzer is used to analyze water quality, including which microorganisms are contained in it, as well as some physical and chemical targets. Since water quality can directly affect human health, more and more people now attach great importance to it. Some water companies, mineral water companies, and beverage industries all need to use it.

The quality of daily water affects the national economy and people's livelihood. Drinking water has a direct impact on people's daily life and physical health. It is the top priority in people's lives, and changes in water quality should be treated with caution. People's requirements for water quality and tolerance limits for sewage discharge have a complete set of target specifications, which form the water quality specifications.

Only the daily water that meets the water quality specifications can be used for people to drink. Regarding the tap water companies, they should not supply non-compliant daily water and use an online water analyzer to strictly monitor and detect the water quality that will enter thousands of households to meet the requirements. Only standard water is supplied, and water that does not meet the standard will never be supplied. It is responsible for the safety of people's lives and property.

Many people think that except for the occupations related to drinking water, other local areas should not be able to use it. In fact, it is also needed in many other places, such as hospitals, environmental monitoring organizations, and local sewage treatment facilities that need to use this instrument for water quality testing.

As everyone pays attention to environmental protection day by day, the discharge of sewage is becoming more and more severe, so the online water analyzer has played a big role. Regarding the sewage discharged from the factory, it is necessary to pass the test, and it does not contain toxic substances.

In many rural areas of our country, it is still drinking water from wells, but no special attention is paid to water quality. As a result, some villages drank seriously polluted water and many villagers became sick. As everyone pays more and more attention to drinking water, they believe that in areas where our country is still drinking well water, we must strengthen the detection of water quality and rely more on analyzers.

Although companies will calibrate equipment when using online water analyzers, most companies have not drafted relevant operating specifications and time cycles, which can easily result in some loss or even loss when calibrating the instrument. Damage to the analytical instrument during the calibration process. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate protection regulations that are compatible with each company.

Enterprises must pay attention to the following two issues when drafting the calibration and protection specifications of online water analyzers:

1. Evaluate the existing equipment condition during protection and calibration

When evaluating the condition of the equipment, it is mainly to check the condition of some vulnerable parts and the sensors that are often in contact with the inspected objects to ensure that these parts are not damaged or disturbed by some foreign substances. The second is to evaluate Analyze the aging state of the instrument. Each evaluation must be registered and recorded to facilitate the operator to know the equipment status in time.

2. Regarding the calibration process, periodic calibration protection moments are more important

Enterprises can perform regular calibration and protection according to the time specified in the analyzer operation instructions. Secondly, when conducting some major project testing, the instrument should be calibrated yearly, especially for outdoor water quality analysis and testing, which can save a lot of time. In addition, if the analysis instrument collides and dumps, the instrument needs to be recalibrated.

In daily use, online water analyzers with a relatively high frequency of use must be calibrated once a month. Those instruments that are not frequently used should try to reduce the number of calibrations. After all, the calibration operation is also a loss for the analyzer.

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