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Product details and functions of COD water quality detector

by:BOQU     2022-03-10

COD water quality detector, a professional instrument for analyzing the content of water components, measuring water: the instrument for the COD project. In order to protect the water environment, it is necessary to strengthen the monitoring of sewage discharge. The decline of drinking water quality is extremely harmful to human health. Water quality detectors play an important role in environmental protection, water quality testing and water resources protection.

COD water quality detector principle:

Organic substances present in water samples are oxidized by potassium dichromate in the presence of sulfuric acid, silver sulfate and mercury sulfate to produce carbon dioxide and water. The amount of potassium dichromate used was calculated from the difference in volume of ferrous ammonium sulfate consumed in the titration of blank and sample. The amount of potassium dichromate used in the reaction is equal to the oxygen used to oxidize wastewater organics.

COD water quality detector product display:

It can be used to measure turbidity, chromaticity, suspended solids, residual chlorine, total chlorine, combined chlorine, chlorine dioxide, dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, chromium, iron, manganese, copper, nickel in sewage. Zinc. Sulfate. Phosphate. Nitrate nitrogen. Anionic detergent. This instrument can be widely used in sewage detection in water plants, food, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection and pharmaceutical industries. It is a commonly used laboratory instrument.

COD Water Quality Tester Details:

1. Data power-off protection function, data will not be lost when power-off.

2. It can be equipped with a small printer, and the data can be printed out in real-time.

3. Can save 80 COD standard curves and 1900 measured values.

4. Microcomputer design, user-friendly operation interface, easy and fast operation.

5. The function of restoring the factory settings, you can restore the settings to the factory state with one key.

6. Portable design, with a portable carrying case, which is convenient for field detection.

7. Equipped with a 4-hole digester, it can be powered by vehicle-mounted and high-power lithium batteries.

8. The two parts of high-temperature digestion and measurement are separated to avoid the influence of high temperature on the optical part.

9. With a USB port, it can be connected to a computer for record reading or printing out the stored data.

10. Imported cold light. Monochromatic light is used as the light source, with optical stability and no interference from various light.

COD water quality detector function:

1. Micro-processing technology, humanized design, large-screen display, measurement flow chart text display, simple operation;

2. Unique combination concept, can routinely or quickly measure up to 10 kinds of measurement indicators; and store 20 sets of measurement data as needed;

3. The unique humanized design can realize portable, desktop and hanging various measurement methods according to the specific situation and site conditions;

4. Conventional power configuration, low battery prompt, automatic shutdown can be set in 0 to 120 minutes according to user needs;

5. Portable packaging, waterproof. Anti-vibration rubber design, economical consumables, suitable for various water quality. Watershed sudden. Rapid and routine monitoring

COD water quality detector features:

1.999 measurement storage function.

2. Full Chinese menu, easy to operate.

3. Auto-zero and 1-5 point auto-calibration.

4. The standard optical glass sample tank is more interchangeable.

5. Time-saving, the time required for each parameter detection is short.

6. Standard built-in thermal printer, which can print experimental results.

7. Using a semiconductor light-emitting device, its light source is stable and has a long lifespan.

8. Date display function, each storage corresponds to a date and time, which is convenient for the query.

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