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Properly Cleaning the Electrodes of an In-Line Conductivity Meter Get the Tricks

by:BOQU     2022-01-31

Online conductivity meter is a new generation of the high-end microcomputer-based instrument with full Chinese display, Chinese menu operation, full intelligence, multi-function, high measurement performance, and strong environmental adaptability. All Chinese display, friendly interface, all data, status and operation prompts are displayed in Chinese, there is no symbol or code defined by the manufacturer.

Cleaning of online conductivity meter electrodes

1. The electrode can be cleaned with warm water containing detergent. The organic components on the electrode are stained, or it can be cleaned with alcohol.

2. Calcium and magnesium precipitates are best washed with 10% citric acid.

3. The bright platinum electrode can be mechanically cleaned with a soft brush, but no nicks can be made on the surface of the electrode, and the surface of the electrode must not be cleaned with hard objects such as screws and screwdrivers, even when cleaning with a soft brush. Be careful.

There is usually no constant temperature device in the field experiment, and the constant temperature device in the laboratory is inconvenient to bring to the site. If the experimental temperature cannot be accurately controlled at the temperature specified in the new regulations, the conductivity value of the standard solution cannot be obtained, resulting in the conductance The calibration of the cell constant cannot be carried out, and the uncertainty of the cell constant directly affects the verification of the instrument reference error. The online conductivity meter simplifies the function on the basis of guaranteed performance, so it has a particularly strong price advantage. Clear display, easy operation and excellent test performance make it a very cost-effective product.

Online conductivity meters can continuously measure and control the conductivity (TDS) value of various industrial water. This device is widely used in scientific experimental equipment, chemical industry, pharmacy, environmental protection, metallurgy, papermaking, food, beverage and water supply, and other industries. The instrument is a multi-range instrument that can meet the detection requirements of many applications from deionized water to seawater. The instrument provides automatic temperature compensation and can set the temperature coefficient, so it can be used to measure liquid samples with different temperature coefficients than water.

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