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Reasons for excessive ammonia nitrogen in domestic sewage

by:BOQU     2023-03-17
What is the cause of excessive ammonia nitrogen in domestic sewage? Ammonia nitrogen in domestic sewage exceeds the standard because food residues and other nitrogen-containing organic matter in domestic sewage are decomposed by microorganisms to produce ammonia nitrogen. Ammonia nitrogen in sewage refers to nitrogen that exists in the form of free ammonia and ionic ammonium. Excessive ammonia nitrogen in domestic sewage is a very common water One of pollution, at present, domestic and foreign ammonia nitrogen wastewater has a variety of methods such as break point chlorination, chemical precipitation, ion exchange, stripping and biological denitrification. These technologies can be divided into physical chemical method and biological denitrification technology. Two categories. How should ammonia nitrogen be treated in domestic sewage? Process improvement: On the basis of the original process, add an effective ammonia nitrogen treatment process, or improve the original ammonia nitrogen treatment process to achieve the goal of meeting the emission standards. Adsorption method: Bentonite, natural or synthetic zeolite, kaolin and activated carbon can be used to adsorb nitrogen and nitrogen in wastewater, among which synthetic zeolite has the ability to adsorb ammonium ions. However, the processing effect of this method is not ideal. Stripping method: Under alkaline conditions, it is a method of separation using the gas-liquid equilibrium relationship between the gas phase concentration and the liquid phase concentration of ammonia nitrogen. It is generally believed that stripping is related to humidity, PH, and gas-liquid ratio. Use this method to operate technically complicated, and labor cost is high. Chemical treatment method: The oxidation of ammonia nitrogen remover decomposes ammonia nitrogen, and optimizes the treatment capacity of the process to achieve efficient treatment effect.
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