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Relationship Between Turbidity and Suspended Solids

by:BOQU     2023-04-09
The relationship between turbidity and suspended matter We generally use optical methods to measure turbidity now. The meaning of turbidity refers to the light scattering caused by suspended matter that darkens the transmitted beam. When the concentration is low, the intensity of scattered light is proportional to the concentration of suspended matter. At this time, the concentration of suspended matter can be known by measuring the intensity of scattered light. This is because the scattered light is measured against a black background, so the sensitivity is higher. However, when the turbidity is high and the concentration of suspended matter is lower than 2000ppm, due to the existence of multiple scattering, the turbidity value is lower than the actual value, and the absorption method is required at this time. 1. Definition of turbidity and suspended matter 1. Definition of turbidity Turbidity refers to the degree of obstruction of suspended matter in water when light passes through. Suspended solids and colloids such as soil, silt, fine organic matter, inorganic matter, and plankton in water can make the water turbid and present a certain turbidity. According to water quality analysis, the turbidity formed by 1 mg SiO2 in 1L water is - - A standard turbidity unit, referred to as 1 degree. 2. Definition of suspended matter Suspended matter refers to solid matter suspended in water, including inorganic matter, organic matter and mud sand, clay, microorganisms, etc. that are insoluble in water. The content of suspended solids in water is one of the indicators to measure the degree of water pollution. Suspended matter is the main cause of water turbidity. 2. The relationship between turbidity and suspended solids Turbidity is to measure the astigmatism of the solution to light, and suspended solids can also be expressed by turbidity. Otherwise, the gravimetric method to measure the content of suspended solids is too much work, and in some places it is not available.
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