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Requirements for the correct use of explosion-proof pH meters

by:BOQU     2022-01-20

An explosion-proof pH meter is an instrument and equipment suitable for precise measurement of various media, mainly used to precisely measure the pH value of liquid media. There are 3 main steps required to measure the pH of a solution using a pH meter, namely instrument installation, instrument calibration, and pH determination.

An explosion-proof PH meter works on the principle of a galvanic battery. The electromotive force between the two electrodes of the galvanic battery is based on Nernst's law, which is not only related to the properties of the electrodes, but also to the concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution. There is a corresponding relationship between the electromotive force of the primary cell and the hydrogen ion concentration, and the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration is the pH value.

Explosion-proof pH meters are used in a wide range of fields ranging from industrial water and waste treatment to flotation processes in the mining, including pulp and paper, metal processing, chemical, petroleum, synthetic rubber production, power plants, pharmaceuticals, food processing, etc. It is also the inspection equipment in the QS and HACCP certification of food factories and drinking water factories.

The instrument should be used in a dry, non-corrosive gas environment, and high temperature and steam should be avoided; the instrument should be placed on a level surface with sufficient strength; the instrument should be well-grounded to prevent electric shock; the instrument should be used There should be no vibration around, otherwise it will affect the measurement accuracy of the instrument; the interface of the instrument must be kept clean and dry, and should not be in contact with acid, alkali or salt solution; the instrument can be used stably for a long time. After testing the sample, the electrodes used should be cleaned. Store it properly; the electronic unit of the pH meter must pay attention to the protection of the circuit. When the pH value is not measured, the input of the pH meter should be short-circuited to avoid damage to the pH meter.

For the written acidity meter, the measurement can be performed directly after the electrode is activated. For portable pH meters, it is necessary to install the measuring electrode to the corresponding interface. For laboratory-level pH meters, in addition to the installation of electrodes and power supplies, the electrode holder and electrodes also need to be fixed. If the pH meter wants to realize the printing function and data export function, it is also necessary to connect the USB cable and the printing cable to the corresponding port of the instrument. The specific operation steps of the instruments of different manufacturers are slightly different, please refer to the instrument manual for details.

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