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Research and development background and influencing factors of multi-parameter water quality analyzer

by:BOQU     2021-10-24


With the development of social economy, scientific progress, and the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for drinking water quality continue to increase and drinking water quality standards continue to develop and improve accordingly. The multi-parameter water quality analyzer does not need to prepare standard solutions and draw standard curves when using supporting reagents. It can directly put samples or diluted solutions into the instrument for quantitative water quality testing. The water quality testing results are accurate and easy to operate. With the rapid development of China's social economy, the acceleration of urbanization, and industrialization, the problem of water pollution has become increasingly prominent, and water quality monitoring has become more and more important. The water quality detector is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry. Multi-parameter water quality testing is an important development direction.

According to the requirements of multi parameter water quality meters, research on key technologies such as signal acquisition and transmission of multi parameter water quality meters has a wide range of application requirements.

Influencing factors:

In the process of using a multi-parameter water quality analyzer to detect water quality, the main factors that can affect water quality detection are source factors and category factors. The first is the source factor. In normal work, sometimes the staff will mistake the source of the water quality sample that needs to be tested, which will lead to the inability to analyze the water quality results correctly, which leads to the inability to provide a solution to the problem. Secondly, different water quality testing methods should be adopted for different water quality samples. For example, the detection methods used for surface water quality and groundwater quality are quite different. Preliminary sampling of groundwater quality can be carried out through changes in water level, velocity, and direction of water, the distribution of coastal cities, industrial layout, pollution sources and their pollution discharge, and urban water supply and drainage conditions. However, the collection of groundwater quality is not suitable for this method. It needs to collect water samples according to the urban development, industrial distribution, and land utilization rate in the water quality area.

If the difference between various types of water quality is not correctly recognized, it will affect the accuracy of the results of the water quality test. We know that the amount of water resources available is limited, and water resources are not inexhaustible and inexhaustible. Therefore, we must pay attention to the relationship between water conservation and development and utilization, and we must focus on reducing expenditure and increasing revenue. China has put forward the overall requirements for building a conservation-oriented society, and the 'Regulations on Water Conservation Management' are also being intensively drafted. We should use this as an opportunity to actively promote water-saving technologies, actively promote water-saving awareness, and vigorously improve the efficiency of water use. , At the same time strictly control the total amount of water consumption, and implement water quota control and management at the same time.

According to the distribution range and carrying capacity of water resources, we should correctly guide the way of industrial gathering, while reducing expenditure, strengthening the protection of water resources, vigorously improving the water environment and water quality, and increasing the total amount of available water resources. Water quality problems are becoming more and more prominent. It is necessary to use multi-parameter water quality testers to detect water quality. Areas with relatively abundant water resources implement effective open-source measures. If you need to know about the COD digestion instrument, COD ammonia nitrogen total phosphorus total nitrogen analyzer, ammonia nitrogen analyzer, multi-parameter water quality analyzer, wastewater multi-parameter analyzer, and other testing products, please contact us.

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