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Safe use of water quality detector

by:BOQU     2021-05-07

The significance of the application of water quality detectors in modern water quality monitoring is not only that it improves the accuracy and power of water quality safety inspections, and enhances the supervisory department’s ability to manage water quality in river basins. More importantly, it is to use this This skill will help the region develop an online water quality monitoring and early warning system. It has important practical and strategic significance for ensuring the safety of urban water supply, protecting the health of the people, and protecting the stability of the society. When it is used in agricultural production, it can significantly improve agriculture. Water safety and ensuring the quality of aquatic breeding are therefore a new skill that benefits society and citizens.

The protection and safe use method of water quality detector:

1. Before using the water quality testing equipment, turn it on for 3 minutes. Do not use the instrument under strong direct light; do not store and use the instrument in high temperature, high humidity, or dusty places.

2. Avoid strong collisions and sensation of the instrument during the transfer process, which may cause damage to the optical path of the instrument. It is recommended to use the original packaging of the water quality detector during the transfer.

3. Do not disassemble the water quality detector to repair or modify its internal structure without authorization to avoid accidents and malfunctions.

4. Do not spill the solution into the colorimetric tank of the water quality detector to avoid damage to the light path system.u200b

5. Please keep the reagents matched with the instrument in a dry, sealed, dark, and low-temperature condition.

6. During the operation, test personnel should take personal protection, especially when using strong corrosive liquids such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, etc., please pay attention to personal safety.

The water quality detector has the following advantages:

1. Repeatability error≤±2%.

2. The light source has high intensity and long life, and the light source is stable.

3. Data is actively stored, and data is actively protected after power failure, and data will not be lost.

4. Light weight: 6.0Kg, dimension (mm): 475×335×175.

5. This instrument adopts the photoelectric colorimetric principle of spectrophotometry, and it is easy to operate. Take a water sample and put it in the reagent for a few minutes to read.

6. Equipped with a thermal printer, which can clearly print out the measurement results and measurement time.

7. Portable, long standby time of 8 hours, it can be used outdoors without plugging in, and it is as easy to carry as our mobile phones.

8. Microcomputer system configuration, touch keyboard, full Chinese menu, LCD backlit liquid crystal display screen, which can clearly display the date, time, and measurement unit.
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