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Sanitary conductivity sensor - four-pole measurement principle 'BOQU Instrument'

by:BOQU     2023-04-20
Today, as more and more attention is paid to environmental protection, water quality monitoring is an indispensable equipment for some occupations, especially the conductivity indicator. Different industries have different detection requirements. Sanitary conductivity sensor knf-102h It is a four-electrode sensor suitable for most occasions, mainly used in: sewage wells, drainage pipe networks, rivers, corporate wastewater discharge, water plants, hospitals, chemical and other enterprises. The sanitary conductivity sensor knf-102h adopts a new generation of four-electrode measurement principle, with a wide measurement range, automatic switching of measurement ranges, a built-in temperature sensor, real-time automatic temperature compensation, RS-485 data output, and Modbus/RTU protocol. It can be used with the data management of the Kainafu cloud platform, and the computer and mobile phone can log in to the cloud platform to view the data. The sanitary conductivity sensor knf-102h has excellent anti-pollution ability, and can be well adapted to long-term on-line monitoring even in harsh environments. The automatic cleaning brush is optional and the post-operation and maintenance amount is extremely low, which saves operation and maintenance costs.
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