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Scope of application of multi-parameter water quality comprehensive detector

by:BOQU     2022-10-15

The multi-parameter water quality comprehensive detector has the characteristics of safe and simple operation, fast and accurate detection, high degree of intelligence, using microcomputer control technology, direct reading of concentration, display curve, chart, etc. It is suitable for determining total nitrogen, chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus and various heavy metals and various water pollutants in drinking water, surface water, groundwater, domestic sewage and industrial wastewater. They are widely used in water quality testing laboratories, sewage treatment plants, environmental monitoring stations, pollution sources, scientific research universities, chemical industries, power plants, aquaculture and other fields.

The scope of application of the multi-parameter water quality comprehensive detector:

It is suitable for water source monitoring, environmental protection monitoring station, municipal water treatment process, municipal pipe network water quality supervision, rural tap water monitoring; circulating cooling water, swimming pool water operation management, industrial water source recycling, factory aquaculture and other fields.


1. Filters: 6 wavelength filters are standard to meet the requirements of experimental multi-parameter detection;

2. Optical path system: The multi-parameter water quality comprehensive detector adopts the global optical fiber spectroscopic system technology to ensure the accuracy of the detection accuracy;

3. Data storage: 5 million pieces of test data can be stored in large quantities, and can also be uploaded, and the data can be saved. The processing is flexible and diverse;

4. Testing procedures: The product is positioned as a professional multi-parameter testing instrument for water quality, with abundant preset testing items and abundant pre-stored curves;

5. Appearance: The casing is made of special materials. The model is integrally formed by injection molding, acid and alkali proof. It is not easy to age, but beautiful and durable.

6. Display: 7-inch large-screen color capacitive touch screen is used, the operation is comfortable and sensitive, the display effect is good, and the single-screen display is rich in content;

7. Curve chart: The instrument has powerful data processing capabilities, and it can display concentration curves, fitting curves, data charts, etc. without an external computer, and it can also be saved and printed.

8. Reference channel: The instrument is equipped with an automatic reference channel, which can directly read the concentration of the blank water sample and the sample to be tested at the same time during the detection process, which improves the detection accuracy and avoids the error of manual operation.

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