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Secondary water supply water quality on-line monitoring equipment installation requirements

by:BOQU     2023-04-20
Secondary water supply water quality online monitoring equipment is generally used in newly-built or secondary water supply pump stations that need to be renovated, and can basically meet the water supply company's regulations on the establishment of secondary water supply unified construction and smart pump stations. But in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, it should be installed correctly. Secondary water supply water quality online monitoring equipment installation requirements 1. Internal environmental conditions of the secondary water supply pump room: In principle, the secondary water supply pump room cannot be shared with fire protection and heating pipelines. When installing the system, try to choose a clean and spacious environment, and according to Sufficient space needs to be reserved, and the new secondary water supply room needs to pre-bury the lines in advance and handle the equipment sockets well. If it is necessary to renovate the old pump room, site planning should be considered to ensure the stability of equipment operation. 2. Drainage equipment: The use of good drainage equipment is of great significance to the safe operation of the secondary water supply pump room. If the secondary water supply equipment is not systematically managed, it will easily cause liquid dripping and other phenomena, resulting in negative effects on equipment operation and water quality assurance. Impact, affect the normal water consumption of users. Therefore, when installing equipment, attention should be paid to selecting a secondary pump room with good drainage equipment to avoid various problems. At the same time, the system needs to install long flow management. Make sure it works stably. 3. Signal transmission: The secondary water supply water quality online monitoring system is composed of the pump room operating device and the remote monitoring system. The remote transmission can be realized on the computer side, and the water quality data can be displayed, read, analyzed and tabulated in the office, and the alarm information can be provided in time to strengthen the monitoring and management of the water quality of the pipe network. At present, the secondary water supply pump room is mainly built underground. If long-distance transmission is to be carried out, the stability of the signal must be ensured. In some environments, extension lines can be used to enhance signal stability. 4. Operation and maintenance: In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, it needs to be regularly maintained, and interval measurement calibration is performed to ensure its measurement accuracy. The environmental elements of the secondary pump room include temperature, humidity, cleaning level, etc. Equipment will cause certain impacts, which can easily lead to data errors and other situations. Therefore, regular operation and maintenance of equipment can improve its stability. The above are the installation requirements of the secondary water supply online monitoring equipment. No matter which equipment we install, we need to install it according to the correct requirements, so as to ensure its operation stability.
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