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Service life of sewage online monitoring equipment

by:BOQU     2023-04-16
Whether it is sewage online monitoring equipment or other water quality monitoring equipment, it has a certain service life after it is put into use. When it exceeds this period, it cannot continue to be used normally. If you want to continue to monitor water quality, you need to replace it in time . Although the service life of the equipment is basically fixed, it will also be affected by the water quality to a certain extent, so how long is the service life of the sewage online monitoring equipment? The service life of sewage online monitoring equipment The service life of a piece of equipment is determined by many factors. For example, if you choose some better brands, its service life will be longer. Under normal use, it can basically be used for fifteen years or so. The sewage online monitoring equipment is mainly an integrated monitoring system composed of multiple detection modules. The service life of each detection device is also different. prolong its lifespan. And when a detection device in the system fails or ages, it needs to be replaced in time to avoid the monitoring results being affected. And in order to ensure that the sewage online monitoring equipment can give full play to its performance advantages, we should ensure that it can meet the normal load operation and reduce invalid operation, so that the operation can also appropriately increase its service life. The KNF-400C sewage online monitoring system can reach 15 years of service life under normal use, but because most of the monitored water quality components are relatively complex, after long-term monitoring, the detection device inside the equipment will be affected to some extent, so in the water quality When the situation is relatively bad, it can be strengthened to maintain it in order to achieve the purpose of extending the service life of the system.
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