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Sewage must be discharged to meet the ph standard is the basic

by:BOQU     2023-03-24
The acidity and alkalinity of water quality, that is, pH value. pH is one of the most important physical and chemical parameters of aqueous solutions. All natural phenomena, chemical changes and production processes involving aqueous solutions are related to pH value. Therefore, pH value measurement is required in various fields of industry, agriculture, medicine, environmental protection and scientific research. We usually measure the pH value of the water quality when the temperature is 25°C. If the water temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the ph value, so the general ph detector will have the function of temperature compensation. If some instruments do not have this automatic Or manual temperature compensation, then it is recommended that you do not purchase. Now, whether it is the sewage discharge of enterprises or the environmental impact assessment of new projects, whether the pH value meets the standard is the most basic inspection index. Therefore, users can check themselves first. Taking the PHB-4 portable ph meter as an example, use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the solution (including the temperature electrode to automatically detect the temperature), and then press the increase key ∧ or decrease key ∨ to adjust the temperature value of the instrument accurately. After cleaning the pH electrode, immerse it in the solution to be tested, stir it slightly, and then place it still. When the measured value is stable, the reading is the measured pH value. It should be noted that according to the principle of pH isothermal measurement, the closer the temperature of the measured solution is to the temperature of the calibration solution, the higher the accuracy of the measurement, and it should be observed during the actual test. In 2001, the measured pH value of seawater in my country's coastal waters ranged from 7.05 to 8.72, and the rate of samples exceeding the standard was 7.9%. The rate of pH samples exceeding the standard in the four major waters was 22.4% in the South China Sea, 7.7% in the East China Sea, 6.3% in the Bohai Sea, and 1.3% in the Yellow Sea. The Jiulong River estuary had the highest rate of exceeding the standard, 72.2%, and the rest were lower. In the 2007 annual report, mainly the Yellow Sea and the South China Sea were involved in pH pollution factors. Because the pH treatment method is simple, the general sewage discharge does not exceed the standard. Installing an industrial online pH meter at the drain can understand the company's self-draining acid-base situation in real time. So how to treat the sewage to make the ph reach the standard? Most people know that adding acid and alkali can neutralize. We call this kind of agent a pH regulator, which is used to adjust the pH value of acidic wastewater and alkaline wastewater to neutral. When the pH value of acid-containing sewage is increased, alkali or alkaline oxide is used as the neutralizing agent, and when the pH value of alkaline is lowered, acid or acidic oxide is used as the neutralizing agent. Commonly used neutralizers for adjusting the pH value of acidic sewage include lime, limestone, dolomite, sodium hydroxide, and sodium carbonate. Sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid are generally used as neutralizers when adjusting the pH value of alkaline sewage. This kind of chemical reagent is relatively low in cost, and it is not easy to produce secondary pollution, so it is very popular. The state still attaches great importance to the detection of pH. In the notice issued in 2002 on the issuance of the 'Environmental Monitoring Station Construction Standards (Trial)', it is required that the basic equipment configuration of monitoring stations at all levels must include a pH meter that can be tested on-site. And the precision ph meter used in the laboratory, and the accuracy is no less than 0.1. Here, the editor wants to say that our ph meter technology is very mature now, and there is no need to buy an imported ph meter. Not only the price is high, but also the after-sales service is more cumbersome , it is recommended that you purchase domestic instruments without any worries!
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