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Should COD or BOD be used to represent the carbon source in activated sludge process?

by:BOQU     2023-03-30
Does the carbon source in C:N:P=100:5:1 in the activated sludge process refer to BOD or COD? In fact, in order to clarify this question, we need to take a look at the definitions of COD and BOD. COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) is a chemical method to measure the amount of reducing substances that need to be oxidized in water samples. The oxygen equivalent of substances (generally organic matter) that can be oxidized by strong oxidants in wastewater, wastewater treatment plant effluent and polluted water. In the study of river pollution and the nature of industrial wastewater and the operation and management of wastewater treatment plants, it is an important and quickly measured organic pollution parameter, often expressed by the symbol COD. Biological oxygen demand (often denoted as BOD) refers to the amount of dissolved oxygen consumed by microorganisms in the biochemical reaction process of decomposing biodegradable organic matter in water under certain conditions, expressed in mg/L or percentage, ppm said. It is a comprehensive indicator reflecting the content of organic pollutants in water. If the time for biological oxidation is five days, it is called five-day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5), and there are BOD10 and BOD20 accordingly. ▲The inclusion relationship diagram of COD and BOD (COD≥BOD from a numerical point of view) According to the composition of microorganisms (C5H7O2N), only C that can be used by microorganisms can participate in the metabolic activities of microorganisms! The C that cannot be used by microorganisms is useless no matter how much it is, not to mention that there are some inorganic substances in the substances that make up COD. However, in some materials, 'C' is understood as COD. It can be understood that if the composition of a carbon source you often use is relatively fixed and there is no major change, then the ratio of BOD to COD in this carbon source is relatively fixed, so if you know the COD value, It is also basically known the BOD value, and it is no problem to add it according to this principle.
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