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Significance of existence of online oil-in-water analyzer

by:BOQU     2023-03-28
When it comes to 'oil', everyone is familiar with it. The common ones are 'oil' for cooking, 'oil' for motor vehicles, and 'oil' for some industrial machines. It brings many benefits to mankind. However, with the development of our country, there are more and more mineral oil pollutants in sewage. At the same time, its impact on the human ecological environment has been greatly affected. Oil is a major pollutant in the water environment, therefore, online monitoring of oil in water is also an important item in water quality monitoring. In this project, the oil-in-water online analyzer is one of the required instruments, which is the meaning of its existence. The oil in water online analyzer is specially designed for measuring the concentration of oil (hydrocarbons) in water. The instrument uses the ultraviolet fluorescence method to measure the concentration of oil molecules in water. The oil molecules are excited under the irradiation of specific ultraviolet light. This excited state is very unstable and will quickly return to the ground state; there will be radiation fluorescence in the process of returning to the ground state. Produced, and the concentration of oil molecules in the water sample is proportional to the intensity of the emitted radiant fluorescence. The water sample is sent into the colorimetric cell after the pretreatment device, and the light source is irradiated on the oil molecules in the water sample in the colorimetric cell in parallel, and the generated fluorescence is irradiated on the fluorescent sensor, and the ultraviolet light emission and the fluorescent sensor are installed before receiving Some filter systems are used to control the emission wavelength of ultraviolet light and select specific fluorescent wavelengths that are scattered back from oil molecules. The received fluorescence intensity has a certain corresponding relationship with the concentration of oil in the water sample, and this linear relationship can be made clearer after the filter system controls the selection of the emission and reception wavelengths.
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